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First Day of School (Revised)

Using www.classcraft.com as a base for game play, I have created the everyday agenda into a "game like" atmosphere.

Tracy Cornelius

on 3 August 2015

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Transcript of First Day of School (Revised)

Every class will run like a game!
Pick it up from the box by the door.
You will choose a character to play in the game.
You may be a healer, a mage, or a warrior.
Be careful, you can fall in battle due to bad behaviors, bad luck, and bad teamwork.
Done at the beginning of class.
Bell Work
You will have the chance to earn experience points from good behavior, good luck, good participation, and good test grades.
You win the game, IF you can make it to level 18! Do you have the courage and strength to do it?
You will have hit points (hp) to keep track of your life.
Pick it up from the box by the door.
Bell Work 10%
Notebook 10%
Assignments 10%
Assessments 50%
Final Exam 20%

You will be working in groups a lot during this class. Participation is crucial to winning the game!
Notes and bell work are the easiest points you can earn. I am essentially giving you these points as long as you complete them.
1) Follow the "Golden Rule". Treat others as you would like to be treated.
2) If I have to send you out of class, you will lose all of the in-class points for that day. (You will also lose 20 HP!)
3) No cell phones! You will lose 20 HP if I see it, if you even touch it, or use it. No debates! No exceptions!

4) No food or drinks aloud in the classroom. Only water! (-10 HP)
5) Please wear your hats outside of class. (-10 HP)
6) Use school appropriate language. (-15 HP)

You may not listen to music in class, UNLESS you have earned a special "power" to do so.
Every time you level up, you gain power points (pp) to spend on powers to help your teammates and yourself.
Each character class has its own unique list of powers.
Materials to bring to class:
Full credit if:
Turned in on time.
Fully completed with all work shown.
No effort = No credit!
Late and turned in before the day of the unit test. No exceptions!
Half credit if:
The amount of days of suspension = the amount of days to hand in suspension work.
If you were absent, it is due the Monday after you get back.
No credit if:
Turned in
test day.
Your goal in class should be to learn and master our learning targets. If you are here to just "get points", you will not make it.
If you are one that does not do homework, take notes, participate, you will NOT pass this class.
I send home learning reports at least once every two weeks. This will include missing assignments and failing grades.
Ashley in the front office will call me if you are close to being dropped. If you are a hard worker and are respectful, I will tell her not to drop you. If you continuously never do your work and are disrespectful, I
will drop
You are allowed up to 5 absences per block. On the 4th absence, you will be put on an attendance contract.
Don't be a Ferris Bueller!
You will have an assignment everyday! It may be book work, worksheets, or both. It will always be due the next day, unless otherwise specified.
You will be doing many assignments in your group. Participation is required!
You will NEVER physically turn in your assignment packets to me.
I stamp it and put it in my grade book. You will keep it in your binder next to the lesson it pertains to.
Book work will be checked for completion on/before test day.
If you are one that never does you assignments, or refuses to participate in class - Drop the class! You will not pass.
You will get XP for assignments turned in on time.
Group Work
Did you know that you learn only:
Based on statistics from the National Center of Education Statistics
5% by lecture
10% from reading
20% by hearing
30% by demonstration
50% by discussion
75% by practicing
90% by teaching one another
95% by teaching and assessing
We will be focusing on the last four bullets.
50% by discussion
75% by practicing
90% by teaching one another
95% by teaching and assessing
You will be working with your team to help you "win" everyday.
Respect is the key to succeed and gain victory!
Remember: You do not do your assignments, misbehave, etc., then...
it will not only affect your grade in this class, it will affect your teammates as well.
1st Homework Assignment
1) Read the basic game rules and answer the treasure hunt assignment.
2) Choose a character class and come up with a team name. (This may change depending on the rest of your team.)
3) Have parent/guardian sign the "parent handout". (If you are 18, you may sign it yourself.)
Mrs. Cornelius
Geometry and Algebra 2
(Topics 3)
(Functions 1)
All images and game play mechanics are owned and copyrighted by Classcraft Studios, Inc.
1) Ask during group/individual time.
2) You may only leave
per day.
3) Do not abuse this privilege. I will check cameras, if I have to!
4) If gone more than 10 minutes, I will mark you absent.
1) pencils (mechanical is preferred)
2) a 3-ring binder is required! (2-inch is preferred, 1-inch will be pretty tight on paper.)
3) Geometry students: a compass, a protractor, and a ruler.
4) Assignments
3) Due tomorrow! You will gain your first 50 XP if you have turned in on time.
Game Rules
Classroom Procedures
Turning in Work
Object of the game
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