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Taoist Wedding Rituals

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Ryan Angus

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Taoist Wedding Rituals

Taoist Wedding Rituals The Ceremony What Is Taoism? Taoism was thought to be created
by a man named Laozi in the late
4th century BC Taoism is a genuinely chinese religion North American Wedding Ceremony In a North-American wedding ceremony the
couple usually stands at the front of a place for example a church with there bridesmaids and groomsmen presided over by a priest or pastor Taoist Wedding Ceremony In a Taoist Wedding Ceremony the couple sit in a Pakua facing each other with the family surrounding them While sitting in the Pakua the man guards
an urn with a lit candle, this represents the
element of fire The women guards a urn filled with water
which represents the element of water The ceremony begins after the couple lights
the eight candles surrounding the Pakua To conclude the ceremony the man
places his urn of fire in the center of the
Pakua followed by the woman putting
hers with water on top The fire and water create steam and
the opposing elements form a union The master of the ceremony does his
part by reading vows and poems After this the families will dance followed
by a wedding feast Conclusion It is evident that there are some similarities
in the two weddings such as the exchanging
of the vows but for the most part the Taoist
Wedding Ceremony is much different from the
North-American Wedding Ceremony The End
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