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How Anansi Became a Spider

No description

Katie Ryan

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of How Anansi Became a Spider

How Anansi Became a Spider Once upon a time, there was an African king who had the finest ram in the world. A man named Anansi saw the ram grazing on his crops so he threw a rock at its head and killed the kings ram. Anansi knew he would get in trouble for killing the ram so he quickly came up with a plan to blame it on an innocent spider. He went and tied the dead ram under a nut tree then tricked the spider into the tree so it would look like he hung the ram in his web. The king was so angry at the spider that he demanded he be put to death, and he offered Anansi a reward for turning the spider in. Anansi returned to warn the spider of the king’s wrath and told him to go plead for mercy and maybe he would be spared. The spider was confused, since he had not killed the ram but went to speak with the king anyways. Spider :) Meanwhile the king had gone home for lunch and spoken to his wife about the whole ordeal. She told him that he was crazy, that there was no way a tiny little spider had killed the prize ram, that obviously Anansi had done the deed. When Anansi went to accept his reward, the king was so mad that he kicked him so hard he split into two pieces; he was no longer a man, but a spider with long legs. The End
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