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No description

Hauck Araujo

on 9 August 2013

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Transcript of EMPATHY MAP


theory differs
from practice
online university courses combined with work?
just learn from experience is acceptable to companies?
want experience. school gives
the path from school to work that makes sense for brazilians today
what to put on curriculum
when studying
and want a job
can the first boss be compared to a teacher. what is the limit?
get to know
the rules of the company and make them match school expectations and hours
work in teams
at a company is different from working in teams in univesity.
to work now or focus on studies?
work and study at the same time: what about social time?
travel, start a bussiness,
study abroad?
with no experience
i won't be hired to a position that makes me passionate about my work
what student wants to do differs from
the jobs avaiable
whats better? diplomas
or field experience?
is money important to accept a job
at this point?
how to optimize time?
do students
really opened to slow growth in a company?
The need to make money to have a good living.
students are preocupied with making money at work
students are really confused about what to do.
students are being pressured by society to make money
students are being pressured by society to leave school already employed
students are impressed by internet time,where you can sart a business doing what you like.

do want they love differs from the avaiable jobs
internet helps
on getting experience?
are students
really opened to slow growth in a company?
Impatience and eagerness at the same time.
are students
mature enough to make this choices?
if every carreer is different, can i try to come up with just on problem statement?
different careers,
different paths
both experience and theory are important
the way students see companies and school changed. but the institutions keep it the same way it was in the past.
are students preocupied with loss of student status and school support?
dissatisfaction against THEIR moment of transition because of the proximity to the labor market provided by ITERNSHIPS or by self-assessment of their preparation for work
are students
lacking objectives?
a way to have field experience while at school
they feel unprepared for the job market
when they are just studying
students feel unprepared for job market when they dedicate to school
parents make pressure
for them not to quit school. companies want experience. the time is to short to do both with excellence
students are worried about competition and lack of preparation
two possibilities: enhace education and postpone career or dive in to carrer without fulfilling the entire education plan?
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