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Credit Valley Public School

No description

Stephen Fowler

on 2 October 2014

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Transcript of Credit Valley Public School

A club based around Peel Competitions
Junior First Lego League
Peel Technological Skills Competition (PTSC) Robotics
PTSC Lego Mechanics
PTSC Technology
Junior Solar Car Competition
Professional Engineers of Ontario Bridge Building Competition
Junior First Lego League
A competition for Grades 1 and 2. During the season they will:

• Conduct research about the current Challenge theme.
• Build a LEGO Model based on the Challenge instructions that contains both a simple machine and a motorized part.
• Display their findings on a Show Me poster.

Peel Technological Skills Competition
The Peel Technological Skills Challenge (PTSC) is a board-wide event that enables students from the Peel District School Board to obtain authentic experiential, hands-on learning opportunities for students in grades 4 to 12. In the past few years, the event has grown from a one-day gathering for a few schools to a three-day event, boosting participation to over 1,000 students from 60 elementary and secondary schools.

Participation in the PTSC provides students the opportunity to work collaboratively, demonstrate their skills and showcase enthusiasm for their potential career pathways.

Junior Solar Car Competition
The Junior Solar Car Competition is a
Middle School competition that has
in the past graciously allowed CVPS
to field teams.

Students design, build, test, and race solar
powered electric race cars.
Credit Valley Public School

Last year, CVPS won
the Design Award. They were in
Competion with 40 Middle School
Professional Engineers of Ontario
Bridge Building Contest

A competition to design a bridge to carry
the maximum load, created using popsicle
sticks and glue.
Volunteers Wanted!
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