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The 7 Elements of Fiction

A brief overview of the basic elements of fiction.

Jo Stiner

on 4 October 2011

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Transcript of The 7 Elements of Fiction

Character A textual representation of a human being or creature How do we get to know a character? Through... Dialogue Actions Thoughts Narration Finding Nemo Why are we so interested in the characters and their problems if they are only aquatic animals and computer graphics? Plot The series of events that give a story its meaning and effect
An event is comprised of a conflict and a resolution Foreshadowing (hints of what is to come) often reveals plot
Disney’s Cinderella What’s the first conflict?
Cinderella’s mother dies. What’s the resolution? Her step mother becomes her guardian What’s the second conflict? Her step mother and step sisters are mean. What’s the resolution? She befriends mice. What’s the third conflict? Cinderella wants to go to the ball. What’s the resolution? Her step mother says that she is allowed to go if she finishes her chores and has a suitable dress. What’s the fourth conflict? Her step sisters ruin her dress, so she can’t go to the ball. What’s the resolution? Her fairy godmother saves the day. Setting A story’s time and place Examples: Hoodwinked, Robin Hood, Bride and Prejudice, E.T., Cops, Lord of the Rings
When and where does it take place? Theme Style Literary Devices Point of View The 7 Elements of Fiction The meaning or concept we are left with after reading a story How can you figure out a story’s theme?
Ask yourself, “What is the author suggesting is true about human nature and/or life?” Look for: repeated opinions, feelings of the main character, conversations revealing thoughts
What are some of the themes of The Pirates of the Caribbean? Good will always triumph over evil. Don’t judge a person before you get to know him or her.
Love motivates some people to take risks.
Refers to the source of the narrative voice (or person telling the story):
1st person - Use of "I" or "me" - narrator is telling the story In the third-person narrative mode, each and every character is referred to by the narrator as "he", "she", "it", or "they", but never as "I" or "we" or "you" It answers the question, “Who is telling the story?”
Refers to the manner in which an author tells his or her story Examples:
Romeo and Juliet (Elaborate Language)
Falling in Love with The Girl Next Door
(Simple Language) Devices that writers have used throughout the timeline of literary history. Include.... Symbols and Imagery (use 5 senses!) The Rocking Horse Figurative Language: Metaphors, Similes, and Personification
The glassy sea As fierce as a lion...
Cold like death... The maple's branches beckoned to the travellers,
bidding them to rest under its cool embrace. The mountain hurled lightening down at them, shooting shards of rocks, wrenching their fingers from the stone face..... hair of gold...
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