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ENGL 315 Final

Football as a model for American culture

Clayton Galloway

on 4 May 2011

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Transcript of ENGL 315 Final

American Football America's most popular sport 162.9 million people tuned in to watch the 2011 Super Bowl. Making it the most viewed sporting event ever, in the US. However, football is not nearly as popular
throughout the rest of the world. Advertising Organization Efficiency Rules fit well with capitalist ideology. Game is broken up into "downs." There are breaks in the action after each down so the teams can "huddle" and come up with a new play. As a result the game is less free-flowing
and has many more breaks. “The economic structure of society, the real foundation on which there arises a legal and political superstructure and to which there corresponds definite forms of social consciousness.” (60) The economic structure ultimately determines the political, social, and cultural shape of a society. Karl Marx What does this popularity
in America mean? Such an extremely popular sport must resonate with some underlying aspect of our culture. Capitalism has shaped our society
into what it is today. Driven by money. Divided by class. Demanding efficiency. Dependant on Technology. Football reinforces many of these ideas that are produced by capitalism. This allows for... Football has become one of the most advertised sports. Plenty of stoppages and breaks in the action that allow for ads. Super Bowl has become one of the biggest advertising event in America. Many people watch just for the commercials.
In 2011 it cost 3 million for a 30s commercial. Making it the most viewed sporting
event ever, in the US. Football is Huddles allow for plays to be organized. All about strategy and execution.
Each player must carry out their role for the play to work. Only have four downs to gain necessary yards. There is a power hierarchy.
Coaches and coordinators call plays.
Team is "run" by the quarterback. Similar to ideas about business. Large corporations call shots. Require support from workers.
Need everyone cooperating and working together to achieve goals. Sport demands efficiency. 4 downs and only 35 seconds
between plays. Allows for fast paced action. The sport as a whole has also developed.
Taking advantage of technology to become more efficient. Takes advantage of all available technology. Constantly improving equipment.
Video reviews.
Coaches and QB headsets.
QB cameras. Likewise, our society has also embraced technology. Technology is rapidly changing.
Looking for instant gratification.
Always want the newest and best thing. Football is an avenue that can be used to reinforce hegemonic ideas. Power is everywhere; not because it embraces everything, but because it comes from everywhere. (313) Football is another way to exert power. Presents the ideas of the dominant class in a casual way that are easy to accept. We think that we are just watching a game; don't realize that there is a message is being sent. Football is just another business. Which is perpetuating capitalist ideas about business. Michel Foucault
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