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Comparison between Spain and American Constitution

No description

Mira Elhindi

on 18 November 2012

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Transcript of Comparison between Spain and American Constitution

Similarites Seperation of powers Separation of powers Checks And Balances Checks and Balances Comparison Between Spain and American Constitution By Mira Elhindi decleared independence between 1810 1885 decleared independence 1776 Executive branch Legislative Executive Legislative Limited Monarchy Prime minister- Mariano Rajoy
King appoints prime minister, but congress has to vote has to win by majority King/ chief of state - Juan Carlos I
-the monarchy is hereditary
-Council of Ministers designated
by the president
-Rules till death Minister of presidents office- Soraya Saenz de Santamaria Democratic Republic The Cortes Generales, or parliament, consists of two houses. The lower house is the Congress of Deputies. The Senate, the upper house,

Congress of Deputies - 350 seats, each of the 50 electoral provinces fills a minimum of two seats

the Senate-The Senate, the upper house, has 208 elected members and more than 50 indirectly elected

Deals with arguments between the provinces Lesgislative branch - Both serve for 4 year terms
- Both have senate
- Make laws and treaties
usually have exclusive authority to raise or lower taxes
and adopt the budget and other money bills.
Senate are choosen by popular vote Executive Branch Judicial Supreme court
Serve for life
Both highest judges in country
independent of the legislative and executive branches of government Voting age is 18 President- Barack Obama

Serve for 4 years , and are only allowed to serve 2 terms if re- elected

Vice president - Joe Biden The executive branch of the government is
responsible for enforcing the laws of the land.
the President/king has the power to negotiate and sign treaties Legislatures are known by many names, the most common being parliament and congress.
house of representitives are- 435
senate- 100- 2 per each state Life, Liberty, and pursuit of happiness. Each human is born with basic rights so he/she can live as they please, as long as they follow the laws Individual rights Checks and Balances Prevent any one branch from exerting too much power. Each branch checks and balances the other two. The president- appoints the judges and public office
can veto, checks laws and makes new laws

The congress- override veto, makes new laws and treaties
approves appoints
can impeach president

supreme court- Rule that a law or presidential act is unconstitutional Federalism Both governments have a form of federalism both are multi- parties State/province Federal government Declares war
coin money
establish copy right laws
establish measurments
declare new states
trade within foreign countires Trade within state/province
Road systems
marriage laws
Public safety
establish education The king is head of state, and the prime minister is head of government There are 17 autonomous communities, also known as Having self-government
There is usually tension and competition between the different government 9 members deals
with arguments between states, and ambassadors
President chooses the judges but is confirmed by the congress Judicial branch Judicial branch The Constitutional Court has 12 members who are formally appointed by the monarch after being elected by three-fifths of both the Congress of Deputies and the Senate They do have a form of checks and balances
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