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Frog Dissection!

No description

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of Frog Dissection!

Frog Dissection!
The frog has all of the same working body systems as a human does. However, the frog's body is much smaller. Here are the body systems inside a frog, and a look into our dissection. Here's how these systems work together.
The frog
This is the digestive system. this system processes food and changes it into nutrients the body needs. It works with the Cardiovascular system by providing nutrients to the heart. It works with many of the other systems as well, providing nutrients.
Systems that work together
The Skeletal System of the frog protects the organs and provides structure to the body. It works with the muscular system by protecting the muscles. The skeletal system basically works with every other body system, protecting the body.
More systems
The muscular system is an essential body system in the frog. The muscular system provides movement to the body. It works with the skeletal system because the skeletal muscles move bone and there are tendons that connect muscle to bone.
Systems that move
The respiratory system is how the frog breathes. When it breathes in the oxygen goes to the lungs and it breathes out carbon dioxide, much like a human. it works with the cardiovascular system and provides oxygen that is carried by red blood cells to all parts of the body.
How they breathe
The circulatory system transports blood throughout the body through the veins. The circulatory system works with the respiratory system because it transports oxygen through the body as well. It works with the digestive system because it transports waste so it can be disposed.
How blood circulates
The Urinary System removes excess waste from the body. The urinary system works with the digestive system cleaning the blood of waste products produced by this system. it also works with other systems cleaning the blood of their waste products.
Processing waste?
How they react
The nervous system is the system that sends signals all through the body. The nervous system works with the muscular system by sending it signals so it can react.
gall bladder
Fat bodies
small intestine
large intestine
Integumentary system is used for respiration and protection.
This system works with all body systems. It works with the muscular system for example by maintaining the internal conditions that the body needs to function properly. This system retains body fluids, protects against disease, and eliminates waste.
Outermost layer
The endocrine system is the system that secretes hormones through the body. This is how the frogs reproduce. This system works close in hand with the nervous system because the system sends hormones to the reproductive glands which then react.
How they reproduce
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