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Transcript of Multimedia.*

The media has always existed ...
Boosters of the Multimedia
Computerized Media
In the early 50's, transistor union and communication began to develop multimedia, this addition enhanced the digital revolution with the development of a range of accessories and peripherals, allowed computers to handle image, sound , graphics, video and interactivity.
From the early 70's the operating concept developed communication media in education, training and publicity.
The media was formalized in the early 80's by the hand of Apple with the release of Macintosh, the first computer equipment with large sound playback capabilities.
The evolution accelerated its pace and by the end of the 80's interactive environments began to mutate into video games. In 1987 he implemented the first video game and coin-operated 1988 Philips developed compact disc (optically read by lightning lasser).
Multimedia technology boom took with game development when in 1992 it joined the same: audio (music, stereo sound and voice), video, graphics, animation and text in the same environment.
Multimedia applications include products and services from the computer (and their devices 'special' for multimedia tasks, such as speakers, high-definition screens, etc..) Which can be read from a CD to the Internet enables virtual communications , through interactive video services on TV and videoconferencing.
Advantages of Multimedia
The CD-ROM, is a means of distributing large storage capacity (650 MB). There you can store multimedia would amount to several hundred pages with text, graphics, sounds and video.
The Internet
The media is the use of various types of media to transmit, manage and present information, the INTERNET is just a diffuser over the media, which has served as a booster of the multimedia, and has helped his development as well.
The MULTIMEDIA is very wide ...
and is around every coner...
In Short ...

is media and content that uses a combination of different content forms.

Multimedia includes a combination of text, audio, still images, animation, video, or interactivity content forms.
First is the ability to communicate. Multimedia programs have the ability to use different means for communicating ideas. Text, graphics, sounds, videos and animations, interacting harmoniously, can achieve in a few minutes to convey to the audience all the information necessary for it to be bulky.
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