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Welcome to Fifth Grade

No description

Lisa Leider

on 30 August 2015

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Transcript of Welcome to Fifth Grade

Welcome to Fifth Grade Open House
Lisa Leider & Lisa Weingartner

• On line Payments for Field Trips unless otherwise designated
• Please do not pick up you child after 1:30 – this causes too much confusion with such a large school at a time when the office is super busy
• All parents need to register for Volunteering by going to getinvolvedineducation.com If you are coming to an event in the classroom and you or your family member are not cleared, you will not be permitted to attend.
• If your child forgets their lunch you can bring it to the office and we will e-mail the teacher to pick it up on their way to lunch
• The office will not accept forgotten assignments for any student
• Return first day packets ASAP
• Volunteer Orientation will be held 9/4 at 8:30 in the cafeteria this is a mandatory training for any parent who would like to be a volunteer.
• Bus passes will be issued in the main hallway if needed
• Thanks in advance for your partnership in raising your child to be a lifelong learner and a responsible citizen

Digital 5... What Does This Mean?
New to MBE as of today only 4 classes are participating.
We will be teaching Digital Citizenship as well as some software and Internet based programs.
This program encourages students to take responsibility for their own learning.
There will be a mandatory meeting on September 28th @ 6:00 p.m.for parents to learn about the use of the school computers before they are allowed to go home.

Meet Ms Leider
Ms. Leider & Mrs. Weingartner’s
Daily Schedule

8:00-8:20 Homeroom
8:20-8:50 Specials
9:00-11:20 1st Rotation
10:00 Snack
10:15-10:30 (recess)
11:20-12:40 2nd Rotation
12:38-1:08 Lunch(Weingartner)
12:40-1:10 Lunch(Leider)
1:12-2:00 2nd Rotation

Some Helpful Information
Some Basics....
Social Studies
Classroom Expectations
JA BizTown
Important Things To Know
Washington DC
High Touch, High Tech
End Of Year Trip
Volunteer Opportunities
Gifted High Achiever Class
Parent Homework
Additional Materials for Class
We will be Florida Standards for Reading.
FSAessesments will be utilized.
We will use a combo of novels and additional materials in class.
Kids are expected to read every night.
New Florida Standards will require more extended response. We will continue to work on extended response.
Nonfiction should be at least 60% of what is read.
Themes will be based on themes in Social Studies.
First Novel will be Holes by Louis Sachar
Kids must have book to read every morning
Writing will be assessed this year.
Still awaiting information about how assessment will be given i.e computer vs paper based.
We will teach writing whole group to begin three days a week and additional skills will be taught through ELA.
1 " binder
25 page protectors
possible computer bag
Math interactive notebooks will be a big part.
Taking good, legible notes is important including pictures and diagrams.
Go Math book will be used as a resource.
Math homework and/or First in Math will be assigned nightly.
Multiplication fluency is important to be successful in 5th and above.
There will be flipped lessons and it is important that the students keep up with their work.
Parents, please do not teach your children the algorithm if I have not. I will teach it after the students understand the skill conceptually.
Virtual School
Math Team
Science-Interactive notebooks will be used in Science as well.
Hands on experiments and activities are also a big part of science.
I will be using the flipped model here as well as the students settle in to 5th grade.
No science fair project - science challenges instead
Science Olympiad
American History
Begins with Explorers and ends with Westward Expansion
Use Newspapers to supplement curriculum
JA BizTown
Quality Vs Quantity
Structured Environment
Follow Classroom and School Rules
Have a positive attitude-5th grade is difficult but no one will be expected to do it alone
Sponsored by Wayne Huizenga
It is a social studies based field trip to teach economics
***FREE field trip***
Need Volunteers for that day.
You will be working, not chaperoning
Date May 25th
Must call in absences
No work is given before an absence
Student is responsible for missing work once returning to school.
Report Cards-
Volunteers must register on getinvolvedwith education.com
BSA Late January
FSA- Reading (computer), Writing (computer), Math (computer)
FCAT-Science (paper based)
December 7-11th
An amazing opportunity for your students
Seeing the nation's capital with friends provides a totally different experience than with family
Outstanding educational experience
Usually take about 120 students
Chaperones are 5th grade teachers, School Resource Officer and Administration
Hands on Field trip
Science based experiments
Cost...usually less than $20
We typically do 3-4
Robotics Field trip
Usually takes place in late May
End of year trip
Usually about $350
Fifth Grade Events
Tile Wall
5th grade social
End of Year
Bulletin Board
Picture Parent
How is your child getting home?
Did you sign in?
Email homeroom teacher with your name, child's name and email address
Join Remind group for both classes
Leider - enter 81010 text @mbeleider
Weingartner - enter 81010 text @mbewein
Born and raised in Florida
2 daughters -Lindsay, oldest, working on doctorate at UF to be a midwife and is a labor and delivery nurse, Mackenzie, youngest, is a sophomore at UCF and wants to be a speech and language pathologist
Started at MBE 2nd year
Have taught K-5th grade
Certified in Early Childhood, Elementary, ELL and Gifted Endorsed and currently working on Masters in Educational leadership at FAU
National Board Certified
Meet Mrs Weingartner
Field trip shirt colors - Weingartner- Jade green & Leider - Lime green
Children will be expected to utilize cursive. We will review
Colored Pencils are a MUST (kids can have hand held sharpener for colored pencils)
Flash Drive is a MUST!
Lunch is 12;30ish, we will have snack everyday
They can bring water to drink
Footballs can not be brought to school
Special Supplies
PE - Composition book-we have early specials and the ground is wet-may want old shoes or "PE" shoes
Technology - earbuds, Flash Drive, folder with pockets
Music - recorder and pocket folder
Born and raised in South Florida.
I spend my summer and winter breaks traveling with my husband
I've taught grades 4-8
Opened Manatee Bay in 2002
I am 2x National Board Certified
Certified in Elementary, Middle School English, & Gifted endorsed
Very excited to be among the first D5 classes at MBE
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