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The Arts and Architecture of Ancient India Project

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Gabrielle Short

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of The Arts and Architecture of Ancient India Project

The Arts
Many of early India's art was created on fragile materials, like paper, and has not survived. What is left today is mostly religious art like elaborate sculptures carved in stone.
The Most Important
Structures in India
The most important structure in early India were the rulers' palaces and the temples used for religious worship. Many stone pillars carved with Buddhist messages were placed alongside roads during Ashoka's reign.
The Buddha was one of the most popular sculptures that the sculptors made. Buddhism is one of the worlds major religions and is most popular in Southwest and Eastern Asia. Sculptors started carving Buddha as early as the
A.D. 100's
The conquest of Alexander the Great greatly impacted the arts of India. There was an attraction of Greek style carvings. Even though they were affected by the history, their architecture was and still is remarkable.
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The Buddha
How History had an impact
on the Arts
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