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Canada and the World

Trinidad and Tobago, Saudi Arabia & Greece

Lydia Navjot

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Canada and the World

Canada & The World Saudi Arabia Greece Trinidad and Tobago Home of Carnival Lydia Millington James & Navjot Dhillon Pop. Growth Food & Lifestyle Economy Population of
1, 266, 383 Tourism Religion & Culture -Roman Catholic 26%
-Protestant 25.5%
-Hindu 22.5%
-Muslims 5.8%
-Christians 5.8%
-Other 10.8%
-Unspecified 1.4% Calypso & Soca, Chuntey Music and Steelband Music 0.0866% Birth Rate 14.25 births/ 1, 000 people Death Rate 8.35 deaths/ 1, 000 people Literacy Rate Males: 99.1%
Females: 98% -excellent investment life for international businesses -leading producers for oil & gas -heavily dependent on these resources Developed Country
Independence Day:
August 31, 1962 There are many amazing sights and tourist areas to visit in Trinidad Tobago Forest Reserve Over 10 different species of birds to look out for Queen's Park Savannah Area Amazing trails to walk, and ancient artifacts to see Fort King George Argyle Falls -highest falls 54m (175ft)
-swimming areas
-trails Botanical Gardens -tropical trees
-beverage shops
-discover new plants and flowers -best rum made in Caribbeans Kamla Persad-Bissessar
Prime Minister Trinidad Doubles
East Indian inspired treat With bake, fresh coffee & rice
Craved by visitors and locals Breakfast Staple Best Roti in the Caribbeans Must have when visiting Trinidad! Red Solo, best drink known to the Trini culture Coconut Water Corn Soup With split peas, corn, dumplings and meat Aloo Pie A soft, crispy pastry stuffed with mashed potatoes and "channa" dipped with a sauce, "imli ki chutney" Shark & Bake Bake is a fried bread
eaten with shark The Trini lifestyle Peaceful, soothing, calm lifestyle J'ouvert is a celebration when people awaken at midnight to celebrate the darker side of human kind Paint, mud, colourful oils are splattered on people Carnival is for people of all ages
to celebrate the tradition of Trinidad
and Tobago Trinidad is multicultural, home
to different backgrounds of people Port of Spain (Capital) Athens (Capital) Birth Rate: Food In Greece Population 26,534,504 Located in Southern Europe, bordering Aegean Sea, Ionian Sea & Mediterranean Sea Climate:
Mild, wet Winters
Hot, dry Summers -Greek Orthodox 98%
-Muslim 1.3%
-Other 0.7% Population of 10, 767, 827
Pop. Growth = 0.06% Literacy Rate: Death Rate: The Greek are extremely healthy eaters, including their very own Horiatika Salata (Greek Salad) with every meal. Many recipes consist of lamb because of the amount of protein and nutrients it contains. Horiatiki Salata Greek Salad Spanakopita Spinach Pie Gyros Octopus grilled on charcoal with lemon Riyadh (Capital) Kalamari Often stuffed with fried or sauteed squid (some prefer chicken) with onions, peppers, tomatoes and drunken with red wine. Moussaka Lamb with zucchini, eggplant, cheese and spicy sauces Comparing Canada and: Religion & Culture Male: 97.8%
Female: 94.2% 9,08 births/ 1, 000 pop. 10.8 deaths/ 1, 000 pop. A large part of Greece lies on a massive peninsula that crosses the Mediterranean Sea. Located on the Southern tip of the Balkan Peninsula Most of Greece includes rocky, mountain land Landscape & Landforms Festivities &
Lifestyle Central Greece is a region full of mountains and hills, along with small valleys and islands. Apokries is a 3 week fesitval expressed by feasting and dancing Easter is the most important celebration of the entire year for the Greeks, more than Christmas Services held every evening when the community joins to pray and celebrate Streets full of laughter singing & dancing.
Candles are lit and fireworks are let out. Traditional foods are prepared and shared amongst the community (Lamb soup with lemon, green leaves, herbs & spices) Magirista A festival of freedom to show spirit within the culture & people A chance to escape everyday life and celebrate with friends & family The Olympic Games are a major part of the Greek culture Olympic Festival held to recognize the excellence of the athletes as well as mathematics, poetry and sculpting achievements Birthplace of Islam Middle East Area
harsh,dry deserts with extreme temperature. Coastline on Persian Gulf &Red Sea Muslim 100% Al Ardha & Belly Dancing are the country's national dances Religion & Culture Greece's population is 3 times less than Canada's Canada: 34, 300, 083 Greece: 10, 767, 827 While Canada has living in
Ottawa alone Athens, being the largest city in Greece, contains only 729, 137 people 4,612,190 people This shows a great difference in population between the 2 countries. ,however, are fairly the same 96% in Greece 99% in Canada Literacy Rates These rates show that the education levels are high which means citizens have decent jobs and it also shows the development of a country The Olympics being originated in Greece definitely has a great impact on Canada because we are actively involved in the Olympic Games, not to mention hosting them in Vancouver, B.C in 2010 Canada is a multicultural society, Trinidad & Tobago has worked it's way towards doing so itself. With different religions and backgrounds coming together to one country it has definitely influenced many things including food. Growth rate
1.523% Birth rate
19.19 births/1,000 pop. Death rate
3.32 deaths/1,000 pop. Literacy rate
Female:81.3% -Oil based economy
-Major activities, all controlled by the Monarchy
-Good investments & foreign exchanges -2 types of police
-Men & women can not socialize in public
(Exception of mother, wife or sister of man)
-Women prohibited to work & drive
-Much of media is not allowed
Ex. radios + televisions The region, Al Bahah, is formed of mountains, plains, hills, valleys and desert stretches Hafar Al
Batin peaceful environment Falafel deep fried chick pea balls with pita bread Shawarma spit cooked sliced lamb with pita bread Toursim Food Trinidad & Tobago Saudi Arabia Greece Saudi Arabia and Canada both share peaceful, calm environments. We have a lot of beautiful landscape across our country that we yet have to explore. Saudi Arabia too has several undiscovered lands in their country. Canada Saudi Arabia Oil based countries Many celebrations and traditions have been passed down and are now apart of Canadian culture. Every year there are annual Greek festivals in small Greek communities or larger ones sometimes held in Toronto. Ottawa Greek Festival
Flash Mob 2011 Trinidad Doubles, inspired from
the East Indian Culture Stir-Fried Shrimp, inspired from the Chinese Culture Carnival was and still is a very popular festival from Trinidad. It is now an important, fun event celebrated and held in downtown Toronto. People from all over gathered in colourful costumes The dry, warm climate allows the people of Greece to enjoy their country, constantly going outside and socializing. Outdoor cafes, long walks on the beach, this is the way of living life in Greece. Lifestyle Economy Thank You
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