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I'm Not Scared: Fear

No description

Sarah Morris

on 21 April 2015

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Transcript of I'm Not Scared: Fear

I'm Not Scared: Fear
What is the theme?
The main and underlying meaning of this novel is the idea of fear. The title is ironic, it implies that the protagonist ( Michele ) is extremely brave, the opposite is true all of the characters are scared of something/ someone. Through out the novel there are many clear cases where you could identify "fear" as being the main theme.
How is the theme portrayed in the Novel?
Michele's imagination plays a big part in the fear he feels throughout the novel, he has an extremely vivid imagination causing him to create a more fear and a "bigger" problem.

Michele also uses his imagination to overcome the issue/ problem. Michele and Filippo both use the same coping mechanism, they both imagine themselves in a better situation to help them deal with the problem at hand.
Which characters are most associated with the theme?
Which setting is related to the theme?
In the novel “I’m not scared” one of the settings that portray Michele’s great fear is the gravine where the novel comes to an end. It is a scary place for young children because the gully is vacant and eerily silent. At the conclusion of the story Michele’s fear intensifies when he is in the gravine because he’s worried about Melichetti’s dogs and pigs, Michele was so scared of the pigs spotting him he went to the extent of covering himself in dirt and excrement’s. These desperate measures indicate how large Michele’s fear is for the gravine.
Quotes associated with the theme
"Papa was the bogeyman. By day he was good, but at night he was bad". Page 87

"I must be brave". Page 197

“I clenched my fists and opened my jaw wide and terror gripped my testicles with an icy cold hand”. Page 47

While I told the story, I could see Papa cutting off Filippo's ears and putting them in his pocket". Page 89

"I became scared of vipers, just like that, quite suddenly"
Michele- Michele relates to the theme fear because in his life at the time of the kidnapping there was a sense of panic with Michele because he’s caught up in the kidnapping saga. He feels a need to help Filippo, which constantly puts him in danger and made him fearful of his future.

Filippo- Filippo is integrated with the major theme fear because he’s physically being held prisoner. This makes the small child fearful of other human interactions.

Felice- Felice has an unusual connection with the theme fear because he’s one of the adults responsible for the kidnapping. The reason Felice is associated with the theme fear is because he is afraid of what will happen to Filippo or if he will have to kill him eventually.

Theresa- Theresa; Michele’s mother is intertwined with the theme fear because she didn’t really want any part in the kidnapping scheme as she was almost forced into it because her husband Pino was involved. She is most scared about what will happen to her family.

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