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ASCA National Model 3rd Edition Delivery and Accountability

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Julie Mackey

on 24 June 2013

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Transcript of ASCA National Model 3rd Edition Delivery and Accountability

Template by Missing Link
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80% or more
of your time is spent in direct and indirect student services.
Direct Services
School Counseling Core Curriculum
Individual Student Planning
Responsive Services
Indirect Services
4 Components:
1. Self-analysis of counselor's strengths, areas of improvement related to knowledge, abilities and skills.

2. Self-analysis of the school counseling program strengths and areas of needed improvement.

3. Evaluation of the schools counselor's performance by an administrator.

4. Review of program goals created at the beginning of the school year.
How are students different as a result of the school counseling program?

What is working well?
What concerns you?
Is there an achievement gap?
What additional information do you need?
What should you focus on?
Review data to inform decisions about strategies to use.
Use data to identify students with academic, attendance, or behavioral needs impeding student success.
Using data to determine how the school counseling activities will be delivered.
If you need to reach the whole student body or entire grade levels, focus on classroom or large group settings.
Direct student services involve in person interactions between counselor and students. Counselors help students develop knowledge, attitudes, and skills identified from the school counseling core curriculum.

Indirect services are provided on behalf of students as a result of the school counselor's interactions with others.

School Counseling core curriculum is planned, written instructional program that is comprehensive in scope, preventive in nature, developmental in design and is delivered to all students.
Instruction in 3 content area:
academic achievement
career development
personal/social growth
Use of Time Analysis
Less than 20% of time on management tasks
Assess use-of-time once a week, twice a year
How close am I to allocating 80% of my time to serving students?
Is the current allocation the most effective use of my time?
Are the delivery methods and strategies time-efficient?
Program Results
How many students received the intervention?
Were the scheduled sessions conducted?
Did the curriculum meet the goals?
Did students report an increase in knowledge?
Did pre- and post-tests indicate an increase in knowledge?
What impact did the intervention have?
Reports to Analyze
Curriculum results report: Demonstrates effectiveness of program and class room activities
Was program carried out as planned?
Was every student served?
Were developmentally appropriate materials used?

Small-group results report: Addresses academic and behavioral goals for a specific group of students
Were the appropriate goals identified for this group of students?
Did the choice of activities support the identified goals?
Did the group size, amount of time, or number of sessions affect the outcome? What changes might be made?

Closing-the-gap results report: Addresses issues of equality and student achievement
How many students had access to the coursework? Did this number increase?
Sharing Results
Reports to administrators and school board
Presentation to faculty
Part of school's or district's data materials
Analysis of School Counselor Competencies Assessment
-The ASCA School Counselor Competencies were developed by school counselors, district supervisor and educators.

-It's purpose is to align the ASCA National Model and identify the knowledge, attitudes and skills required of a profession school counselor.

-This assessment can be used to help educate school counselor education programs, benchmark for trainings, creating and self-evaluating a professional development plan.

-School administrators find these competencies useful as a guide for seeking and hiring counselors and for their future performance evaluations.
Analysis of School Counseling Program Assessment
-This assessment aligns with the four components of the ASCA National Model and is a tool for analyzing each component.

-Each component has subsections and benchmarks that is to guide the program's improvement for the future.

-This is also used to help identify gaps within the program that coincide with the projected goals for the next year.

-Typically in the Spring, your assessment of the program is done where your charted data indicates growth or change.

-This assessment will reflect the school and counseling program's mission, strengths, areas of improvement and desired short and long range goals.

-These results drive the program's goals, trainings, outlooks and behaviors into the next year.

-To continue to educate stakeholders, it's important to share your program's results to highlight the need and importance your program is having.
-Once a year an Administrator will conduct a School Counselor Performance Appraisal evaluation. This will contains 3 components in; self evaluation, administrative evaluation and assessment of goal attainment.
School Counselor Performance Appraisal
Program Goal Analysis
Question to guide your Program Goal yearly review:

1. Was the goal a SMART goal (specifc, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound)

2. Was the goal a closing-the-gap goal?

3.Was the goal met? If not, why not?

4. What are the implications for goal setting for the following year?

5. What implications do these results have for the school counseling program?
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