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How salty does the sea have to be for an egg to float

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takira fitzgerald

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of How salty does the sea have to be for an egg to float

How salty does the sea have to be for an egg to float

Backround Information
Density is the mass of an object divided into its volume.Mostly it is a measure of how tightly packed the molecule structure an ,object is.Density is formally laid out in the Archimedes principal.For any object to float in any liquid the weight of the volume of the object must be greater than than the weight of the object itself.Water has a Density of one.To determine the density of the egg we would have to weigh the first.If we put the egg in a graduated cylinder filled with water displaced.We can find its exact volume.By dividing the mass by the volume we can find the density.The density of the regular egg will be slightly greater than that of the water,so of course it will sink.In order to make the egg float, we have to make the water more dense by adding salt.One cup of water,adding 3 tbsp. of salt should be about enough to make the egg float.
Research was found on wwww,ehow.com
If I put enough salt in the water,then my egg will float
Idea 4
How salty does the sea have to be for an egg to float?
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