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Bachata and History

No description

Debora Caceres

on 20 February 2014

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Transcript of Bachata and History

Let Me Show You How It's Done
Bachata Style

Choreography and Occasion
Quinces choreography usually planned months in advance
Bachata mixed usually with Salsa and Merengue dances
Family gatherings
Quinces and their Surprises
What does the dance reveal?
Rapping it Up
This particular dance has become extraordinarily popular among not only the Hispanic Culture but world wide as well. This dance is being used in national and international dance competitions. It is rather a sensual dance that incorporated with merengue, cumbia, and/or salsa they create an explosion of a performance.
Bachata And Its Roots
A girl on her quince is stepping out of the baby shoes she has worn for 14 years into her women shoes. She is not only the center of the party but she presents herself in style with her Latin music and dances. It is usually and expectation to see a "surprise dance" which may include all styles of dancing. The format is usually synchronized, smooth, symmetrical, and precision. Bachata is about using positive space most dances including male and female couples. It is less frequent to see the quinceanera dancing bachata by herself.
Ataca y la Alemana
Bachata is a form of music and dance; it originates in the countryside and rural marginal neighborhoods of Dominican Republic during the time of Trujillo's dictatorship in hopes of coping with the hardships of its time.

During the early 1960s when bachata first started it was only danced but the people in the country side. The dance was not considered classy or of high status.

The guitar was accompanied by percussion instruments, like maracas. The classic bachata was recognized as romantic, and sentimental melodies similar to Cuban boleros.

Today, it is known world wide thanks to Juan Luis Guerra and the band Aventura. It is not only a part of the Hispanic community anymore it is reaching out to other communities as well.

The Dance Demonstration
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The dance reveals the strong Latin evolution of the music from being very stigmatized to being modern and classy. In the 1990s was when Bachata gain its popularity, revealing the historic poverty of its artists. The music was disapproved by the higher status people because of its association with sexual references. Now, bachata is classy and hot combined with the rural elements it has expanded to consist of other rhythms, such as modern style.
Dile al Amor- Aventura
By: Debora Caceres

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