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George Washington

No description

Sean Raines

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of George Washington

George Washington By: Sean He left because he chose not to run again.
Then, he was a plantation owner. Sources The Presidential Years After the preidentialyears He signed a law that let the goverment raise money buy taxation.
He created a system of banks.
He choose leaders for the various goverment departments.
He made a money system based on gold and silver.
He made a financial plan for the country.
He made a federal court.
He made the Bill of Rights.
He issued the statement of Statement of Neutrality.
He said the U.S. would not take sides in the French Revolution.
He was the first president
His vice president was John Adams and he severed two terms Before the Presidency Education: 7 or 8 years in Fredericksberg, Virginia
Jobs before President: Surveyor, Plantation owner,
and Plantation manager. The End Title: George Washington
Author: Michael Burgan
Publisher: Compass Point Books
Place of Publication: 3722 West 50th Street, #115 Minnespolis MN Book Date born: 2-22-1732
Place born: Pope's Creek Plantion
Married to: Martha Dandridge Custus
Date died: 12-14-1799
Place died: Mount Vermon
When he was elected, he got every electoral vote.
Every U.S. president except for Washington got to live in the in the White House. Fun Facts
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