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Fat Amount in Sausages

No description

Nina Salvador

on 15 September 2013

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Transcript of Fat Amount in Sausages

This is what's purposely changed
Science Experiment:
Fat Amount in Sausages

By: Nina Salvador
Mrs Rudman
To determine which type of sausage contain the most fat.
The pork sausage contains the most fat since, pork in general is high in saturated fat.
Slow Cooker
Weighing Scale
Wire rack
Chopping board
Three different types of sausages

3 Metal Drip Trays

Independent Variables
Dependent Variables
Controlled Variables
Risks of the Experiment
-May cause a fire
-The knife can cause injuries
_Steam from the slow cooker can cause burns

All these safety risks can be avoided by taking caution and also having adult supervision when conducting the experiment.

Throughout the experiment there were absolutely no chemicals used.
Type of sausage
Amount of fat in each sausage
This is what is being measured
Same slow cooker
Same position of the slow cooker
same type of sausage (brand)
Step 1.
Slice each sausage to the same size using a chopping board and knife.
Step 2.
Weigh and record the weight of each sausage.
Step 3.
Place the three metal drip trays at the bottom of the slow cooker.
Step 4.
Put the wire rack above the metal drip trays.
Step 5.
Position all three sausages on the wire rack using tongs.
Step 6.
Turn on the slow cooker and set it to 125 degrees Celsius.
Step 7.
Set the timer for one hour.
Step 8.
Weigh the cooked sausages.
Step 9.
Record and compare the results.
Step 10.
Repeat all steps three times.
Slow Cooker
Weighing Scale
Drip Trays
Wire Rack
Hair net
Chopping Board
Batch 2
Beef Chicken Pork
Batch 3
Beef Pork Chicken
Batch 1
Batch 2
Batch 3
Beef Chicken
Beef Chicken Pork
Batch 1
Beef Pork Chicken
Beef Pork Chicken
Fat Percentage of Each Sausage
Batch 1
Batch 2
Batch 3
Difference of Fat in Each Sausage

Which type of sausage contains the most fat?
The results of the experiment show overall the beef sausage contains the most fat, since it was the highest twice out three batches.
On average, the sausage pork contain the least fat. The results show, it had the lowest amount of fat between the beef and chicken sausage.
The beef doesn’t always contain the most fat, it just depends on how the sausage itself was made.

If this specific experiment were to be repeated, then the sausage should be weighed at the same time after it’s cooked to get more accurate results.
To further receive more accurate results then, cooking the sausage even longer should drain all the fat in sausage therefore getting better results.

Encountered Problems
Not all the sausages weighed the same, even though it was all cut the same size
The results varied
The process of the experiment was very time consuming
The slow cooker used a fair amount of the electricity
The total cost of the experiment is very costly especially the equipment that was used

“Which sausage type contains the most fat?”
The experiment proves that the hypothesis “The pork sausage contains the most fat “is wrong. In fact beef and chicken contain more fat than pork, as proven in the results. Therefore the pork sausage does not contain the most, but instead it contains the least amount of fat in sausages.


Anon. 2013. Which is Healthier?.
(accessed on 15/9/13)
Dr Elsie Widdowson. 2013. Sausage Survey.
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These were kept the same throughout the experiment.
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