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Telemachus' Epic Journey

Rock Band Road Trip

Manal Mohiuddin

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of Telemachus' Epic Journey

Book 1 p. 19 Lines 381-386
"Get yourself a crew of twenty rowers and the best boat you possess. Then leave here—set off in search of news about your father, who's been gone so long."
At this point, Telemachus is called on an adventure, which is to go on a journey and find information about his long-lost father.
The Call to Adventure
Refusal of the Call
Book 1 p. 24 Lines 554-560
“Eurymachus, my father's journey back to Ithaca is no doubt done for. I no longer trust
in messages, no matter what the source. Nor do I care for any prophecy my mother picks up from those soothsayers she summons to these halls.
Allies: King Nestor, Peisistratus (King Nestor's Son), Menelaus
Enemies: Penelope's Suitors
Tests: Standing up to suitors
Tests, Allies, & Enemies
Approach to the Inmost Cave
Book 20 p. 408 Lines 434-435
"Once Telemachus had spoken, Pallas Athena roused them all to laugh with no sense of control."
Crossing the Threshold
Meeting the Mentor
Book 22 p. 433 Lines 118-126
“But Telemachus moved in too quickly for him— he threw a bronze-tipped spear and hit him from behind between the shoulders.He drove it through his chest. With a crash, Amphinomus fell, and his forehead struck hard against the ground. Telemachus jumped back, leaving his spear in Amphinomus, afraid that, if he tried to pull out the long-shadowed spear, some Achaean might attack and stab him with a sword or strike him while he was stooping down."
Telemachus now has to help his father fight the suitors and while doing so, he is risking his life because he, his father, and the two loyal servants are outnumbered.
The Ordeal
Book 22 p. 443 Lines 475-484
“Odysseus, too, looked round the house to check if anyone
was hiding there, still alive, trying to escape his own dark fate. But every man he looked at—
and there were plenty—had fallen in blood and dust like fish which, in the meshes of a net, fishermen have pulled from the gray sea up on the curving beach,
lying piled up on the sand, longing for sea waves, while the bright sun takes away their life—that's how the suitors then were lying in heaps on one another."
Telemachus receives two rewards. All of the suitors are
now killed, so he can now live in peace and his father
has finally returned home.
The Road Back
Telemachus is a dynamic character. By the end of the Odyssey, he has experienced a resurrection. He has transitioned into manhood and changed since he left the Ordinary World.
The Resurrection
Return with the Elixir
Telemachus now returns to a normal
life where his father is home and there
are no more suitors to bother him.
His final and most important reward
is manhood. He has become a more
powerful, wise, and confident person
as he transitions into manhood.
Book 2 p. 29 Lines 105-106
"But now you load my heart with pain beyond all hope."
Book 2 p. 42 Lines 560-563
"Telemachus embarked. She sat in the stern. Telemachus sat right beside her, as the men untied the stern ropes, then climbed aboard the ship and went to seat themselves beside their oarlocks."

Telemachus' Epic Journey
The Ordinary World
What is the character's main function?
Book p.19 Lines 382-386
"Get yourself a crew of twenty rowers and the best boat you possess. Then leave here—set off in search of news about your father, who's been gone so long."
Telemachus's main function is to set out on a journey to find any information about his
father so he can either confirm or deny his death.
What is the character's main goal?
Athena serves as Telemachus' mentor. Her main goal is to guide
him and help him throughout his
journey as he seeks news about his father. In this quote, Athena is telling Telemachus to start his journey to find his father.
Book 2 p.41 Lines 540-544
“Telemachus, your well-armed companions
are already sitting beside their oars,
waiting for you to launch the expedition.
Let's be off, so we don't delay the trip
a moment longer.”
Threshold Guardian
Threshold Guardians protect the special World and its secrets from the Hero, and provide essential tests to prove a Hero’s commitment and worth.Threshold guardians tests a hero's commitment. The suitors' goal is to doubt Telemachus' commitment to his journey. They are creating doubt for him by questioning if he will survive and stating consequences of his death.
Book 1 P.12 Lines 139 -153
"There she met the suitors, those arrogant men, who were enjoying themselves playing checkers right outside the door, sitting down
on hides of cattle they themselves had butchered...
God-like Telemachus observed Athena first, well before the others. He was sitting with the suitors, his heart troubled, picturing in his mind how his noble father might get back, scatter the suitors from his home, win honour for himself, and regain control
of his own household. "

The Ordinary World is what state Telemachus and Ithaca are in. Right now, suitors are pressuring his mother into marriage and residing at Odysseus's home, while consuming his resources. Telemachus has not stood up to the suitors and lets them continue their wrongdoings, but it will not stay like this for long.
Right now, Telemachus has not accepted his call to
adventure. He has stated that he does not believe
that his father would return home. If he truly
believes this to be so, he might not choose to go
on his journey. On the other hand, hope inside
him could push to cross the threshold.
Telemachus is preparing to leave the Ordinary World by crossing the threshold. He now accepts his faith along his journey. The hope that his father might
still be alive and pain brought forth by the suitors is enough to make him accept this journey.
The suitors being slaughtered by Telemachus and Odysseus.
Odysseus is home with Penelope.
Book 1 p. 12 Lines 160-163
“Welcome to you stranger. You must enjoy our hospitality. Then, after you have had some food to eat, you can tell us what you need.”
This is when Telemachus first
meets Athena. in the form of Mentor. Athena will
Telemachus' mentor because
she will guide and help
throughout his journey.
Book 5 p. 61 Lines 635-637
“Come now, my sons, hitch up some fine-maned horses to a chariot, so Telemachus can start his journey.”
King Nestor helps Telemachus continue his journey by giving him horses.
Book 5 p.63 Lines 1-3
"When Telemachus and Peisistratus reached the Spartan plain and its surrounding hills, they went straight to splendid Menelaus' palace."
Peisistratus helps Telemachus by accompanying him on his journey.
Book 5 p. 89 Lines 901-907
"Come now, give me a swift ship and twenty comrades, so I can watch for him and set an ambush, as he navigates his passage through the strait dividing Ithaca from rugged Samos,and bring this trip searching for his father to a dismal end.”
The suitors are plotting an ambush against Telemachus. Since they are interfering with his journey and plan to kill him, they are his enemies.
Book 20 p.405 Lines 326-332
'"You suitors,make sure your hearts do not encourage you
to gibes and blows, so that no arguments or arguments will happen here." Once he'd finished speaking, all the suitors bit
their lips. They were astonished Telemachus had talked to
them so forcefully.'
Telemachus and his dad are planning to kill the suitors. Telemachus is preparing and waiting for his dad to initiate the fighting. Athena has made the suitors weaker by making them laugh.
Book 20 p. 409 Lines 483-486
"That's what the suitors said. But Telemachus paid no attention to their words. He kept quiet, looking at his father, always watching him to see when his hands would fight the shameless suitors."

"To warn and challenge"
"To test"
"To guide"
"To serve and sacrifice"
"To question and deceive"
"To destroy"
"To disrupt"
Book 2 p.38-39 Lines 449-455
"“Who knows whether he might die himself, once he sets off in his hollow ship, roaming far away from friends, just like Odysseus? If so, he'll provide still more work for us. We'll have to split up everything he owns and hand this house over to his mother and the man she marries.”
What is the character's goal?
The shadow for Telemachus is Antinous. He is the leader of the suitors and plans to kill Telemachus. In order for Antinous to achieve his goal of killing Telemachus, he wanted an omen from Zeus and luck, since the Athena was in Telemachus' favor and protecting him.
What is the character's main function?
Book 4 p. 89 Lines 901-907
"Come now, give me a swift ship and twenty comrades, so I can watch for him and set an ambush, as he navigates his passage through the strait dividing Ithaca from rugged Samos, and bring this trip searching for his father to a dismal end.”

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The Odyssey(Ian Johnston translation)

Athena also serves as the herald for Telemachus. Athena's main function as the herald is to warn Telemachus as he completes his journey.
Book 15 p.291 Lines 41-50
"Before you get back to your native land, they want to murder you. But in my view, that won't be happening. Before it does,
the earth will cover many of those suitors, who are consuming all your livelihood. You must steer your well-built ship on a course far from the islands, and keep on sailing day and night. One of the immortal gods who's watching over and protecting you will send you following winds."
Eurymachus's function is to kill Telemachus, yet he deceives Penelope into thinking he is concerned for her son's safety.
What action should the character take to achieve that goal?
What is the character's main goal?
The main of goal of Eurymachus is to disrupt Telemachus and Odysseus from killing him and the rest of the suitors. He is trying to prevent them from doing so by convincing them that the suitors can repay them and their actions were not so malevolent.
Book 22 p. 431 Lines 68-77
"Now he himself has died, as he deserved. So at this point you should spare your people. Later on we'll collect throughout the land repayment for all we've had to eat and drink inside your halls, and every man will bring compensation on his own, in an amount worth twenty oxen, paying you back in gold and bronze until your heart is mollified. Until that time, no one is blaming you for being so angry.”
What is the character's function on this journey?
Book 16 p. 328 Lines 547-552
"“Wise Penelope, daughter of Icarius, cheer up. Don't let these things concern your heart. No man living and no man born and no one yet to be will lay hands on your son Telemachus, not while I'm alive, gazing on the earth."
Book 21 p.425-426 Lines 467-473
"But then from across the room Telemachus shouted out a threat:
“Old man, keep on moving up here with that bow. You'll soon regret obeying them all. I'm younger than you, but I might force you out into the fields and throw rocks at you."
Telemachus is tested by the suitors on how much he will let them command Odysseus.

Book 22 p. 433 Lines 119-121
"But Telemachus moved in too quickly for him— he threw a bronze-tipped spear and hit him from behind between the shoulders."
Telemachus' road back is to
adjust to his new life without the suitors and with his father home. For him this will be easy, but in order to return into a life with total normalcy, Penelope has to be convinced her husband has returned.
Book 23 p. 453 Lines 122-125
'“Mother, you're a cruel woman,with an unfeeling heart. Why turn aside from my father in this way? Why not sit over there, close to him, ask him questions?"'
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