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No description

maliyah frierson

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of Inkheart

by: Maliyah Frierson
Period 8 by Corneila Funke A fire-eater, he was read out of Inkeart by Mo and replaced with Mo's wife Resa. He has a strong desire to go back into Inkheart to see his family. He helps Mo and Meggie with their long journey to find Resa. He helped Farid to become a fire-eater. He is the character that stirs up everything. Dustfinger Mo is a loving father of Meggie and is also a skilled bookbinder. He has the ability to read characters out of their stories. He shelters Meggie and does not approve of Farid at first but eventually gives in. He takes his daughter and aunt in law on a journey to find his long lost wife. He is the reason for all the mishaps through out the story. Mortimer Folchart
(Silvertongue, Mo) Meggie Folchart Full of pure evil. He was read out of Inkheart unintentionally by Mo and wishes to gain as much power as possible. He plans to take over the human world and then the ink world. He is the antagonist in the story, He is what keeps you biting your nails. Capricorn Meggie is a 12 year old girl who loves books. She is Mo's daughter and inherited the ability to read out loud and bring characters to life. She helps rescue her mother who her father read her into Inkheart and Dustfinger out. She is the main character who drives the story. Characters In this prezi, you will learn about the novel Inkheart. This is a science fiction book that has a made up reality. As you read this book you will experience different emotions such as astonishment, sadness, anxiety, excitement, love, bewilderment , and so much more. Once you finish Inkheart you will want to go to the bookstore and grab Inkspell and eventually Inkdeath. Introduction Inkheart Summary Meggie is a young girl who is parented by her father Mo. Mo is a bookbinder with exquisite skills. When Meggie was a baby mo and his wife Resa were reading her Inkeart. While Mo was reading to her evil figures came out of the book and Resa went in, in their place. Mo was astonished and depressed all at once. The evil figures that were released from the book started to call Mo Silvertongue because of his creative skills of reading them out. Mo befriended one named Dustfinger and along Mo and Meggie's journey he betrayed them multiple times. If you wanna find out about their enticing journey then read Inkheart. Farid He was read out of Ali Baba and the Fourty Thieves from the Arabian Nights by Mo. He follows Dustfinger around to learn how to breath fire. He fell madly in love with Meggie and he saves the group quite a few times. Quote # 1 "some books should be tasted, some devoured, but only a few should be chewed and digested thotoughly." This quote is significant because Mo's favorite book is Inkheart and he read his wife into it and his enemies out of it. Every book should be read but only your favorite book will be remembered. Quote # 2 "Books have to be heavy because the whole world's inside them." This quote is significant because Inkheart has over 500 pages and has a world inside a world. Bigger book, bigger worlds Journal Activity Explain why Capricorn's mother is called the 'Magpie". Lab Connection The connection that Inkheart has with my lab is creating art. In the book the words are art and in my lab the food is art. This book is extremely unique because the author made a world inside a world,he created so many different characters and they all are very different. Food has evolved over the years and has become way more creative, a watermelon is no longer a watermelon, they design it into different objects. We make sculptures out of chocolate and cake. So, creativity makes you want more, more of the book and more of the food. Links Book preview: http://contemporarylit.about.com/cs/currentreviews/fr/inkheart.htm Term # 1 Throng :a multitude of people crowded or assembled together; crowd. Part of speech: noun
Word origin: Middle English
Synonym: horde, host; assemblage.
Antonym: dispersal, scattering "More and more of them were gathering in a throng where the shadow had collapsed, all looking around as if they'd just woken up from a deep sleep." Term # 2 Profusely: abundant; in great amount. Part of speech: adjective
Word Origin: late Middle English
Synonym: lavish.
Antonym: thrifty "A tiny, blue-skinned fairy apologized profusely when it fluttered into Meggie's hair as she and Mo went toward the cage containing Elinor." Term # 3 Rostrum: any platform, stage, or the like, for public speaking. Part of speech: noun
Word origin: Latin
Synonym: stand, dais, podium, lectern.
Antonym: ground, plain "He led Meggie away with him down from the rostrum, past all the people another strange creatures crowding into the arena outside Capricorn's village...." Journal: http://thingstodo.providencejournal.com/movies/show/4743-inkheart Word definition: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/Rostrum?s=t Recommendation I highly recommend this book because it's extremely thrilling due to all of the drama. It has romance between Meggie and Farid, hatred with Basta and Dustfinger, the prince coming back to life, pure evil due to Capricorn, the purity and innocence of Felengio , and magic between the fairies and giants. Amazing actions will happen out of the blue, and it will catch you off guard. I guarantee that this book will leave you at the end of your seat.
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