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The Analects

English 2 Project

samantha haigler

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of The Analects

The Analects Analects means ("a selection") Its a collection of about 500 sayings,dialogues,and breif stories, which was put together over many years following Confucius death. The Analects presents Confucius teachings on how people should live and create and orderly and just society What Analects means What The Analects is Background The master kown as Confucius, Ziyou known as a younger disciple of Confucius, Lord Ji Kong known as a powerful offical in Confucius home state of Lu, and Zigong known as a diploment and merchant who was one of Confucius most dedicated disciples. Characters Conflict Zigong wanted to be famous and have a posistion, but the Master said their is no need to worry about those wants. The Master also said that Zigong does not deserve to be famous or have a posistion. Theme I found throughout the story of the Analects, you should be respectful and genorous to everyone around you and you should not get peoples dreams up. Confucius view about truth Authority to rule comes from a commitment to moral living. Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it.-Confucius 1500BC-1800AD Time period Progect by Samantha Translated by:
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