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Robert Oxton Bolt

No description

Jewelynne Naguit

on 28 April 2015

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Transcript of Robert Oxton Bolt

Major Works Themes
Literary Period
Status Update
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"Death comes for us all. Even for kings he comes."
Flowering Cherry (1957)
Lawrence of Arabia
Doctor Zhivago
A Man for All Seasons (1966)
Vivat! Vivat Regina
The Bounty
The Mission
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Some critics consider Bolt's plays old-fashioned because of their traditional plot structure
Others praise his literate, well-crafted works for the questions they raise and for their engaging heroes, who often struggle with compelling ethical dilemmas.
MY LIFE (Biographical Information)
Born: August 15, 1924 in Manchester, England
younger son of Ralph Bolt and Leah Binnion Bolt
family lived in the small town of Sale in Lancashire, England
served in the British Air Force during WWII
Bolt began work in 1941 for an insurance company
afterward attended Manchester University, received BA in history
Bolt became an English teacher at Millfield private school in Somerset
In 1949, he married his first wife, Celia Roberts, a painter (had 3/4 children with - Sally, Benedict, Joanna)
Beginning with
The Master
in 1953, the BBC aired 15 of his radio dramas
Bolt's first stage play,
The Last of the Wine
The success of
Flowering Cherry
(1957), earned Bolt the 1957 Evening Standard Drama Award for Most Promising British Playwright and allowed him to become a full-time writer

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Golden Globe Award for Best Screenplay - Motion Picture
Academy Award for Best Writing Adapted Screenplay
New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Screenplay
Tony Award for Best Play
BAFTA Award for Best British Screenplay
Robert Oxton Bolt (1924-1995)

Historical and Context of Writing

1961 he was arrested and spent a month in jail after he participated in antinuclear demonstration
worked with director David Lean on screenplays such as
Dr. Zhivago
(1965) and
A Man for All Seasons
(1966) which won Academy Awards
In 1967 he divorced his first wife and married Sarah Miles whom he had another son with
The Bolt-Lean team also produced
Ryan's Daughter
He and Sarah Miles separated in 1976
In 1978, he suffered a severe stroke that left him partly paralyzed
married the actress Anne Zane in 1980
When that marriage collapsed, he secretly remarried Sarah Miles
Adapted other films including
The Bounty
(1984); and
The Mission
Died February 20, 1995 in Petersfield, England
Morality, ethics, conscience
Individual vs. society
Commitment vs. compromise
Critical Views

"It is our luck that we have a playwright naïve and bold enough to ask large questions about conscience and place them on a national scale" (Chris Peachment).

"A good old-fashioned playwright" (John Russell Taylor).
English playwright and screenwriter
• Writing mostly dealt with ethics and politics of previous time periods
• Influenced by studies in history
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