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No description

Samantha Moya Aranguiz

on 13 June 2017

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Transcript of Sociology

IV medio B
English vocational elective
Universities where you
can study:
With 1 year of experience
With 5 years of experience
$600.000 - $800.000
$1.000.000 - $1.200.000
Universidad de Concepción
Is located in Campus Concepción
Number of semesters: 10
Annual tuition cost: $2.464.000
NEM: 15%
Universidad Católica
Is located in Campus San Joaquín, Santiago
Number of semesters: 10
Annual tuition cost: $4.439.000
NEM: 20%
Universidad de Chile
Is located in Campus Juan Gómez Millas, Santiago
Number of semesters: 10
Annual tuition cost: $3.106.800
NEM: 20%
- Patient - Critical -Sympathetic
- Acceptance without prejudice
- Abilities of observation
- Work in long research - To read many books - Know the behaviours of societies
- Work with the media
- Carry out polls surveys
Samantha Moya
Market research and public opinion
Management and strategic planning in complex organizations
Research and analysis in audiences and media
Sociologists have to know about many areas of study
Sociologists have to know about techniques of investigation
Sociologist have to be a critical about society
If you want to be a sociologist, you must be...
If you want to be a sociologist, you must like to...
It allows me to compare and learn different societies and different cultures
It allows me to question many ways of thinking and acting
Is the best form to research and play in the society we live in the phenomena who happen in this
I chose to present about sociology because...
Jobs for the career
Jobs responsabilities
Description of carrer
About the job...
Broad training for the analysis of the social phenomena
Trains for an efficient performance in social policies
To know the way in which people integrate and organize them selves to coexist in different areas and times.
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