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About ME ;)

No description

Yesenia Giron

on 29 August 2014

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Transcript of About ME ;)

All about ME ;)
Favorite Food :)
I love food specially Mexican tamales and Salvadorian food.
I like to eat enpanadas and Pupusas.
Middle school and Why I chose the Academy
I went to Lamar Middle School, The reason I chose the Academy was because I wanted to see what engineering was like. When I came to the Academy some of the skills that were help full were math and science. The things that interested me about engineering was design and manufacturing.
My Family
1 brother and 1 sister
My mom and dad are the pastors of a church in Arlington
Sister and brother play instruments at church
I'm the leader of the youth group
Oklahoma's Water Fall
Shyloh :)
My goal for the year
My goal for the year is to lose weight. The way that I plan to do that is by eating more healthy food,exercise, keep notes of the amount of pound I have lost.
What I like to do...
I like playing with my dog
Like to hangout with my boyfriend
Like to use the social media
This was a trip that was plan by the church were all the church went to Oklahoma's Water Fall
Me :D
Work at McDonalds
Like to go to church
Like to hang out with my cousin and sister
I don't have a favorite color
My best friend
He like to play with his ball
Like's to run around in circles
He changed our lives :)
If I could change anything in the word?
I could change anything in the world I would the way that students learn were I was born. The reason I say this is because here we have more tools that can teach us better and more advanced education that is valuable and that should be share with others.
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