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Emeli Romero

on 5 December 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Kissing Sailor
Sailor who is extremely happy about the war finally being
over, grabs a random woman who appears to be dressed
as a nurse and kisses her out of excitement.
Personal Response
I think that the point of this photograph is to show the happiness and excitement everyone was feeling after WWII finally being over. The purpose of the photograph is to show how relieved the people are that the Japanese surrendered and that the war is no longer going on, they have no more worries. The mood of this piece is very upbeat and joyful everyone in the background has a smile on their face and the kiss is going on, everyone seems very delighted.
The Kiss
To these I turn, in these I trust—
Brother Lead and Sister Steel.
To his blind power I make appeal,
I guard her beauty clean from rust.

He spins and burns and loves the air,
And splits a skull to win my praise;
But up the nobly marching days
She glitters naked, cold and fair.

Sweet Sister, grant your soldier this:
That in good fury he may feel
The body where he sets his heel
Quail from your downward darting kiss
The Kiss After the War
By : Emeli Romero
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