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Naturopathic Medicine - Draft

@ Dakota Natural Health Center

Paul J

on 28 October 2015

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Transcript of Naturopathic Medicine - Draft

Naturopathic Medicine
Dr. Faye Johnson ND, LAc, LMT
Dr. Beth Allmendinger ND, LAc

The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest her or his patients in the care of the human frame, in a proper diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.
~ Thomas A. Edison
The U.S. Department of Labor defines Naturopathic Medicine as;

“Diagnose, treat, and help prevent diseases using a system of practice that is based on the natural healing capacity of individuals. May use physiological, psychological or mechanical methods. May also use natural medicines, prescription or legend drugs, foods, herbs, or other natural remedies.”
Naturopathic Principles
Healing Power of Nature
First, Do No Harm
Treat the Whole Person
Doctor as Teacher
Identify and Treat the Cause
Naturopathic Modalities
Botanical Medicine
Physical Medicine:
Ultra Sound
Nutritional Supplementation
Lifestyle Coaching:
Stress Management
Energy Medicine:
Psych K
Whole Foods
Take with Food
Fish Oil
DHA - Cholesterol
EPA - Brain
Flax - Omega 6
Salmon - Omega 3
Tuna - Myelin Sheath
Take with Fats
Heart Runs on FA
Types of Calcium:
Amino Acid Chelate
Hydroxy Apetite
2:1 Ratio with Mg
Take Away from Multi
Bone Rebuilds at Night
Specific Conditions
Fatigue - adrenal, thyroid, diet, sleep
High Cholesterol - age, Rx reactions, family history
High Blood Sugar - diet, Rx, illness, sleep
What is the Body's Priority?
Shotgun approach
What's gonna kill 'em first
Just ask the body - kinesiology, pendulum, medical intuitive
3000+ years old
Started in wartime with arrow wounds
Mapped over 300 regular points on 12 meridians or lines of energy
Chinese, Japanese, French, 5 Element
How Does it Work?
Unwinds the facial layer of the body
Energetic Medicine -
moves Qi through the meridians
Affects the mind, body, and spirit
CC/10 questions
Pulse: R/L, quality, speed, strength in 6 levels
Tongue map: color, coating, shape
Observe excess or deficiency, smell, skin color
Horary Clock
Horary Clock: every 2 hours a different organ system is activated
AM: 1-3 Liver, 3-5 LU, 5-7 LI, 7-9 St, 9-11 Sp, 11-1 Heart
PM: 1-3 SI, 3-5 UB, 5-7 Kidney, 7-9 Pericardium, 9-11 TW, 11-1 GB
Acupuncture Treatments
Needles: length, gauge
Moxa, cupping, TDP lamp, tui na, 7 Star, gua sha, ear tacks
Timing depends on condition: excess=long, deficient=short
Conditions Treated Successfully
Treatment goal is to balance the energy in all 12 meridians as felt through a change in the pulse quality after treatment, decrease in symptoms, and eventual change in tongue coloration.
ANY pain, indigestion, sleep disturbance, tinnitus, PMS, menopause, infertility, frozen shoulder, trigger finger, sinusitis, asthma, allergies, dreams, colds/flu...
Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique
Desensitization to any allergen (food component, outdoor, indoor, motion, weather, emotional trigger)
Energetic Modalities
Healing Touch
Emotional Freedom Technique
Craniosacral Therapy
Healing Touch
Janet Mentgen, RN
Gentle touch
Supports natural ability to heal
Work in hospitals, hospice, clinics
Nursing CEUs
Emotional Freedom Technique
Gary Craig - engineer/minister
Emotional version of acupuncture
Balance meridians to reduce process
Clears emotional debris
Theta Healing
Body Talk
Core Synchronism
Craniosacral Therapy
William Sutherland 1898-1900
Discovered the cranial rhythm
Release nerves, fluid movement, restore bone placement
John Upledger 1975-1983
Protocol system
Focus on emotional psychologocal issues
Theta Healing
Vianna Stibal 1990
Theta wave - go above, say GOD
Connect all planes
Teach the brain where this is to connect
Body Talk
John Veltheim DC 1995
Synchronizing phys, biochem, mental/emotional envir, genes
Innate wisdom, protocol, taps
Psych - K
Robert Williams MA 1989
Subconscious limit
Positive beliefs, process shift
Align subconscious belief with conscious wisdom
Core Synchronism
Robert Stevens, ND
Core Rhythm
Synchronizing all parts of the body to the core
Example; pain, infertility, edema
Tune into self and others levels
Belief work
Example of colon cancer and beliefs
Thank you!
Dr. Faye Johnson ND, LAc
Dr. Beth Allmendinger ND, LAc
Dakota Natural Health Center
Bismarck, North Dakota
(701) 258-9418
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