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- conceptions

No description

istvan nagy

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of - conceptions

Thinking on conceptions BACKGROUND The network analysis is a very powerful tool Without ammunition the strongest weapon is useless The available data determine the possible ways of product development There is two ways Secondary data Primary data consumer generated (twitter etc.)
company generated data warehouses collected by questionnaire The present product structure based on this possibilities With geo data such as google location easy to discover:
where the people attend most
where they spent time
where they gather

With such information easy to create:
Top list - most popular places etc.
Important places - HUB's HUB MCA
(main competence analysis) We know the profession, we know the experience as well, sometimes it's still hard to find proper people to a psoition

If with Linkedin database and network analysis we will be able to discover the different sets of companies who seek same people, we have a chance to shorten the seeking process Retail shopper network Public sector Village network Media consumption In the public sector there is huge databases:
Munkaügyi központok
Working with these databases gives totally new perspective to their routine.
For example with the network description of the companies, and their owners, the APEH could find the suspicious companies The media consumption is a complex thing
There is a lots of medium, and tons of content
With right questionnaire, we could collect data what type of media, and content people like
Then with network analysis is it possible to reveal the connect between media, content and people
Which could be useful for all media owners and content providers Who is the KOL in the settlement?
We could collect data with questionnaire to identify them
If we know these people, and we convince them that our service, product is the best they could spread this info within their neighborhood
That could be beneficial, for new shops, banks and many many more
Shops, and shopping networks like Supershop have a lot's of data regarding the peoples buyng habits:
When they visit the shop?
What product they bought?
With what other goods?
With such information, network analysis could show what are the connection between the goods.
We know from "traditional" market research what the two, or there most commonly bought products together
But we never saw how the whole universe of goods related to each other
With such information the FMCG firms could generate much better up selling figures Thank you for your attention! only exapmples
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