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Modern Transcendentalism

No description

Martin Rocha

on 30 January 2014

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Transcript of Modern Transcendentalism

Favoring Intuition Over Reason
Modern Transcendentalism
Martin Rocha
To be yourself in a world that is
constantly trying to make you something
make you something else is the greatest accomplishment - Ralph Waldo Emerson,
Marshall Mathers, better known as Eminem, had to go through a society against his actions in
order to get to where he is now. Growing up in Detroit, he wanted to become a rapper, despite
the rapping industry being mainly for minorities. The community wanted him to stick with his
minimum -wage jobs. Eminem kept trying to pursue his dream, especially since he had rap talent and
shared the same story of many pursuing the same dream of his. His father abandoned him while he was only 18 months old, he lived in a trailer park, he was the main target for bullies in his school and he was a drop out. Despite all these setbacks, including being the only white person trying to become a rapper, he succeeded. He's had ten #1 albums, he's sold more than 42 million albums, he's owner of 13 Grammys, he's the first artist to win Best Rap Album three times in a row, he won an Academy Award for Best Original Song, "Lose Yourself", being the first rap single to do so and is known as the
Best Rapper Alive by many, including Vibe Magazine. If any one would ask, his whole career has been a great accomplishment.
Eminem went against the whole nation that wanted to stop him from being a rapper. Eminem did what he wanted
to do what he wished for. He tried to become a successful white rapper and he did just that Not only did Eminem
show them wrong, he changed their perspective. No longer is there segregation against the whites in the rap
industry,thanks to Eminem. Eminem's success has lead to more varieties of rappers, like the white and Jewish
Mac Miller and Muslim rapper DJ Khaled. Eminem's breaking of the racial, rapping barrier wouldn't have
been possible if he let the controversial society stop him. Emerson would be proud for his greatest
accomplishment: being himself.
What a man thinks of himself, that it is
which determines, or rather indicates, his fate
-Henry David Thoreau,

In the movie I Am Legend, Robert Neville (played by Will Smith) is in a world
where he may be the only survivor from a deadly version of the measles. Robert
dwells in the lonely city of New York. Even though the movie begins when he is
already adjusted to the new world, Robert had to adjust after the apocalypse. There
wasn't a McDonalds down the street with employees to prepare fast food. No Wal-
Mart to go buy groceries. No Valero to get gas for his car. Not even a medic for scratches that could have been caused by zombies. Robert had to live on his own, relying on himself for all his needs.
Robert learned the importance of self-reliance the hard way, when it wasn't possible
simply give up and go to McDonald's to satisfy his hungry needs. Along with his dog,
Sam, whatever their needs were, would have to be resolved themselves. There was
no time for them to be unproductive, as their survival depended on their
productivity. Their fate of surviving long enough to be one of the last to survive
was due to the thoughts of Robert. Robert could have easily given up on
survival when his wife died, but instead he thought about survival and
did indeed survive. If Robert would've given up, thinking of other
stuff besides survival, the fictional characters were doomed
to die. Robert must have had Thoreau's voice telling to
survive self-reliant inside him.
If the stars should appear one
night in a thousand years,how would men
believe and adore; and preserve for many
generations the remembrance of the city of God,
which had been shown- Ralph Waldo Emerson,

Wall-E lived in a world where all the humans lived in space after Earth
became inhabitable. His job was to compact all the trash into towers,hoping
he could clean the whole Earth. Things change when EVE comes to comes to
Earth looking for any sign of life. When she finds the plant, she reports her
findings to the command center. Wall-E, EVE, and the pilot who wanted to
return to Earth had to battle the auto-pilot robot who was warned about the
dangers of returning to Earth. Wall-E almost died trying to defend the plant that
would return the crew to their homeland. After defeating the auto-pilot the whole
ship returned to Earth and began to rebuild Earth, starting with the little plant
Wall-E gave to EVE.

Wall-E was programmed to clean and make trash cubes his whole life, but once he
discovered the plant and fell in love with EVE, he thought for himself. He became
determined to get the plant safely to the pilot. The only part of nature he's seen,
or the "one night in a thousand years", let Wall-E learn he was to be the robot
to bring everyone back home. He risked his life doing the task he was
actually programmed to do, bring the human race back to Earth.
Nothing is at last sacred
but the integrity of your own
mind. -Ralph Waldo Emerson,
Terry Fox was a runner set to run across Canada to raise money and
awareness for cancer research, despite only having one leg. His right leg
being amputated due to a form of bone cancer, osteosarcama, he continued
running. His goal was for all the 24 million of the Canadians to donate at least
$1 each. He ran equivalent to a marathon every single day and became famous
by the time he got to Ontario. Sadly, 143 days and 5,373 kilometers after
beginning the Marathon of Hope, his bone cancer began to get deadly,
spreading to his lungs, he had to stop. Although he couldn't finish his run across
all of Canada, he accomplished his goals, spreading the awareness and raising
more than $24 million.

The Canadian runner set aside all setbacks in order to do what was right,
Not only did Terry fight through having cancer but as well as having lost
his dominant leg, and the tiresome routine of running a marathon
daily. Terry knew that it was common knowledge not to run so
much with deadly cancer in such conditions. The cold and
tiresome mileage didn't stop him and he continued
the Marathon of Hope. His integrity of keeping
his word and raising money for the
future victims of cancer would
make Emerson
Simplified Life
Simplicity , simplicity, simplicity.
I say your affairs be as two or three and
not a hundred or a thousand; instead of a million
count half a million, and keep your accounts on your
thumbnail- Henry David Thoreau, Walden
In the song, "Yellow Submarine", the Beatles wrote about simply living in a
submarine underwater, away from all the madness going on at the time. The
Beatles wanted to get away from the racial segregation disagreements, the
probability of an atomic World War III, and the advancement of communism. The
lyrics "As we live a life ease/ Everyone of us has all we need/ Sky of blue, and sea of
green/ In our yellow submarine" explain how they have only the necessities
to live away from others.
Like many of Thoreau's and Emerson's ideas, The Beatles wished for better life outside
the corrupt society and they expressed that through this song. They didn't want to take
their thousands of possessions, instead they understood they only needed to live a
simple life under the sea in order to get away from the ill society.
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