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Izaak Ainsworth

on 3 June 2014

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Transcript of Curiosoty

Have you ever wondered how Curiosity helps the earth?
There are many reasons that curiosity is helpful to the earth. First, She's helpful to earth because she let's us know if human life can exist on Mars. Second, Curiosity helps earth with taking samples of rocks and dirt on mars to see if there's any other life forms and also to see if there's water in the soil. Third, Curiosity is important to earth because she tells us the temperature and the speeds of the wind on mars.
Curiosity helps the earth by letting us know if human life form can life on Mars.
Humans wont be able to live on mars without there space suites unless there in the colony's. We learned that by Curiosity. Also we wont be able to live on mars because if there is water on mars there could be some type of poison in it.
Curiosity helps the earth with taking samples of the rocks and soil on mars.
Taking samples of rock and soil on mars helps us know
Curiosity helps earth know the temperature and the speed s of the wind on Mars.
With out Curiosity letting us know the temperature of Mars we wouldn't be able to live on mars because we could either burn to death or freeze to death. With out Curiosity, we wouldn't know the wind speed on Mars. Knowing the wind speeds helps earth know if the colony's would fly right off of the edge of Mars.
Fun Facts about Curiosity.
The lazier on the rovers head can vaporize any thing in it's path.
Curiosity is as heavy as a car, that's light for a rover as big as a school bus.
Curiosity has 17 cameras.
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