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Gracie's memories from Fourth grade!!

No description

Mike Graham

on 1 June 2016

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Transcript of Gracie's memories from Fourth grade!!

Gracie's memories from Fourth grade!!
End of the Year project for Mr. Graham
When my dad knew Mr. Graham
In 2015 in September my dad and Mr. Graham saw each other and when I went to see Mr. Grahams classroom they started talking for a while. I was okay with it. My dad told me that they knew each other and then got separated and now they see each other again. I still laugh from that moment!!
When we got to make timelines
Timelines are really fun to make. So Mrs. Thompson decided
When me and Livia became friends
When Maddox spelled Quincey 's name wrong
In 2016, when we where still doing kickball, Maddox had to draw what it would look like and where every one would go, Mrs. Thompson told him to right Quincey's name in between 2nd and 3rd base. Everybody elses name was spelled correctly, except for Quincey's. So he spelled it Qinsy and everyone started to laugh. Including me!!
When we still played kickball it was really fun. Even though we didn't get into the finals, I had fun kicking and going against different teams. I got to see how all of the teams played. Even though we didn't get into the championships I got to have fun.
Livia and I became friends starting this year. I was so happy that I got a friend that feels what I feel, thinks what I think and behaves pretty good. she is a really nice friend sometimes we have twists and turns, but we still get along really well
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