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Mendy, Mosely, and Ernie's Big Discovery

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Nicole Curtin

on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of Mendy, Mosely, and Ernie's Big Discovery

One cloudy September day in 1860 a group of Chemists got together to talk about important things like atomic mass.
Mendy had a plan, he wrote each element on a card ith it's atomic mass and it properties. Then arrange it like a puzzlebased on its numbers (atomic mass). He noticed patterns that kept appearing. When he finished his chemistry book it was 1869. He was very happy, everyone called him the father of the periodic table.

BUT there were still some unsolvedd questions.........like some of the elements did not fit into the puzzle.
40 YEARS LATER..................
By; Nicole Curtin
Mean while back in Russia a man named Dmitri Mendeleev, known as Mend, was working on writting a chemistry book. he wanted to come up with a way to organize the elments according to their properties.
Mendy, Mosely, and Ernie's Big Discovery
They were even more excited when all the elements in each collum were a family, because they all acted the same.
If Mendy, Mosely, and Ernie were alive today they would be as happy as the Noble Gases, because there Periodic table that they worked so hard on is now complete.
In 1911 an English Scientist Henry Mosely, and his good friend Ernest Rutherford, known as Ernie were studying 38 different metals. When they came upon the unsolved question of Mendley. If they arrange the elements in order of the number of protons all the puzzle pieces fit.
There were 18 familiesin total, but there was on sepecial group called the noble gases.
The noble gases were unique because they had all the electrons they wanted.
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