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Weather Trashketball

No description

Natosha Daniels

on 2 January 2017

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Transcript of Weather Trashketball

Which of the following best explains what creates this convection current?

A. The rotation of Earth makes the air above it rotate, but not the same over land and water.

B. Because of its mass, Earth’s gravity creates a high pressure area over both the land and water.

C. Salt in the ocean makes it more dense than the land, so its gravity pulls more on the air above it.

D. During the evening, the land cools off more quickly than the water, so the air is different temperatures.

Ocean currents are the result of uneven heating of the water, which leads to -

In general, one can expect clear skies with a high pressure area and cloudier conditions in areas of low pressure. Based on this information, and that provided in the weather map, which city shown most likely is currently experiencing clouds but will see clearer skies in the near future?

The Jet Stream is a global pattern of atmospheric movement that influences patterns in local weather.

Based on the information provided in the weather map, which city shown will most likely experience a drop in pressure over the next few days?

Based on the map below and your knowledge of air movement, which city is experiencing the strongest winds?

Which of the following climate conditions is most likely caused by the presence of a nearby ocean?
Huge amounts of snowfall during the winter
Constant, direct solar radiation
Cooler summers and warmer winters
Variations in temperature during the day
Which of the following could account for the weakening of hurricanes when they reach the Atlantic Ocean? Ocean water in the Atlantic -
decreases in temperature.
increases in temperature.
decreases in salinity.
increases in salinity.
Based on the information provided in the weather map, which city shown most recently saw a rise in temperature?

Which of the following is a major way in which oceans contribute to weather systems?
Ocean water has high salinity.
Oceans transfer energy from the Sun.
Most volcanic activity occurs in the ocean.
Oceans have high levels of biodiversity.
which city shown will most likely experience precipitation in the next few days?

Thermal energy from evaporating water drives the weather systems. The regions on Earth that would have the most evaporation are those regions -
near the Equator.
along the coasts of Asia.
near tropical rainforests.
along mountain ranges.
Why are regions that receive more solar energy more likely to develop hurricanes?

A Plants are more likely to thrive in those regions.

B Those regions have more water evaporation.

C Regions that receive more solar energy are typically drier.

D Those regions are always located at high elevations
What is this and what does it do?

One cyclical weather pattern affected by the warming of ocean waters in the Pacific ocean by 1 degree is called....

Washington state is one of the northernmost states in the continental U.S. but still has relatively mild winters. This is because it -

A. Receives more solar energy

B. has mountain ranges

C. Is located near the ocean

D. is a heavily populated state.
Wichita, KS
Wichita, KS
Which pressure system is associated with cooler temperatures and thunderstorms?
Neither of them!!!!!!!! It was a trick question and you should know better!!!!
remember, air always moves from H to L!!!
The general pattern of winds around a high pressure area is clockwise, outward. The general pattern of winds around a low pressure area is counterclockwise, inward.

Based on the information provided, which Texas city shown will most likely have winds from the East?
What is a typhoon? Which direction are the winds spinning?
Brain Break!!!
convection; wind
Weather Trashketball!!!
When you see this picture,
you will send the number called from your group to go shoot for a basket (and an extra point.)
You may only send a person if you got the question before the picture correct.
a hurricane. The winds are spinning counterclockwise (Low Pressure System)
El Nino
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