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No description

Michael Chalk

on 15 April 2015

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Transcript of Tesla

Tech Specs of the Model S
What is Tesla?
Charging a Tesla
Founding of Tesla Automobiles
Cost of Owning a Tesla Model S 70 D
Base price for owning is $75,000
Price after incentives and Gas savings $57,500
When purchasing any Telsa, you will receive a federal tax credit of $7,500

Cost of Owning Model S P85D
Cost of Leasing Model S 70D
Leases begin at $838/Month for 36 months or 36,000 miles
$6,533 due at signing.
"If you don't like your Tesla during the first three months, you can return it and your remaining lease obligation is completely waived."

Most expensive Model S
Base Price is $105,000
After Incentives & Gas Savings $87,500.
A Tesla can be charged anywhere there is an Outlet available.
A wall mounted Connector made by Tesla or a 240 volt outlet is recommended.
Wall Connectors charge up to 58 miles per hour
The standard "mobile" charger is 29 miles per hour on a 240 volt charger.
A standard single charger and double charger are available. a double charger speeds up the time the car charges.
2003/2004- Company is founded in California by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning
2007- Tesla begins construction of $35 million dollar factory in Albuquerque, NM
2009- Production of Model S begins
2010- Tesla has its IPO in the NYSE and purchases a production factory from Toyota in California
2012- Announces production of Model X
2013- Announces Production of Model P85 and P85D
2015- Rereleases Model S as Model S 70D

Cost to Lease Model S P85D
Tesla Models
Driving 50 miles a day with a single charger and a 240 volt outlet will cost on average $1.98 to charge and will take about 1 hour and 42 minutes.
50 miles for many Gasoline powered Sedans can cost up to $5 in gas.
Incentive for Dealership
Miles per gallon?
If you were to open a Telsa Dealership you would receive 10% on every car sold.
You will also receive 20% of the down payment for all leases.
So on the Base Model S 70D, ($7,500)($1,307)
Model S P85D ($10,500)($1405)
Average gas price- $2.30 a gallon
The average electricity cost is $0.12 a kilowatt/hour.
Overall this means if you drive a gas powered sedan with 25 MPG rating for 20000 miles you will be paying around $1840 in gasoline. A Tesla user will be paying $648 in electricity!
Model S info
The top speed of the Model S is around 155MPH for the 85 KwH battery Performance All wheel drive model. 0-60mph in 3.1 seconds
Various amenities on the interior and exterior.
Interior includes-
A built in 17 inch touch screen
GPS, Mobile connectivity, radio, climate control, backup camera, window control, Heated seats.
Materials inside the car (Nappa leather trim, décor), are sourced as close to the California factory as possible to reduce environmental impact of long distance delivery.
Exterior Includes-
"Zero Profile" door handles
Hidden Tail light charging port
Streamlined and aerodynamic
Front and Rear trunk. (No Engine!)
Folding side mirrors.
Automatic low and high beam lights
8 air bags for driver and passenger
automatic emergency braking
blind spot warning
automatic lane centering
speed limit display
Suspension changes at highway speed to reduce area.
Tesla Fears, Reviews, and Awards
Ownership Fears and Facts
Battery life
Charging time
Up to 300 miles per charge in some models.
Initial investment saves money over time. (up to $4000/yr)
1 hour and 12 minutes to full charge
5 star safety rating

Customer Reviews
Just a few of the 5 star reviews of the Tesla Model S

“Fascinating, sickeningly fast, ultra-quiet, & no gas!”

“Tesla is to cars what Apple is to phones.”

“Remarkable Car”

“Best Car I Have Owned”

Motor Trend - Car of the Year

Automobile - Automobile of the Year

Consumer Reports - Rated 99 out of 100. Highest rating ever given.

Tesla Automobiles
Rich Company History

Outstanding Technical Specifications

Great Dealer and Consumer Incentives

Impressive Awards and Reviews

Become a part of the change!

Become a Certified Tesla Dealer today!
The engine is the battery!
Controls front and rear motors
Traction control in all conditions
8 year Infinite Mile warranty on the drive unit and battery pack.
Model S
Model S P85D
Model X
Model S 70D
Other Cost From Owning Tesla
Insurance Cost varies from customer to customer depending on Age of Owner ,Previous Driving Record, Driver State, and Insurance Provider.
On average the rates vary from $1,500-$2,000 a year. With the highest in California around $2,500 a year.
Repair Cost
Repairing A Tesla Can be very expensive due to the fact the the body is almost completely made out of Aluminum.
A $10,000 estimate to repair a “minor but long” scratch
A $45,000 estimate for “minor front-end damage"
A $7,000 estimate for repair of a small dent and scratch that required no replacement of parts
A $30,000 estimate for “minor fender and door damage"
An $11,000 estimate for a minor scrape on the rear panel, including a $155 charge to “ensure battery remains charged” during the repair.
Cost of Charging Your Tesla
1,331/Month for 36 months
$7,026 due at signing
Pay more for the Speed
"Tesla is not just an automaker, but also a technology and design company with a focus on energy innovation."

Things We Will Discuss
Michael: Technical Aspects
Stewart: Financial Aspects
Sarah: Tesla Awards, Fears and Peer Reviews
Built for the everyday driver looking for style and environmental benefit.
Performance grade Model S. Built for the everyday driver looking for a thrill on the road.
Four-door Tesla released in 2014. Built for the family life that is looking to be eco-friendly and stylish.
Car to be released this year is built to be available to the common man. Cheaper than a standard Model S and includes a more efficient battery.
Quick Facts on Tesla
Second oldest listed American Automaker behind Ford
Model S is so structurally sound, it destroyed the NHTSA roof crush machine
Largest touchscreen interface in a vehicle
Largest network of car charging systems in the world
Facts courtesy of Forbes.com
Current CEO
Martin and Mark
Why are we here?
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