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Get into IT.

No description

Sanket Patel

on 20 December 2015

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Transcript of Get into IT.

Get into IT.
Bachelor of Commerce
Generalized knowledge of accounting, marketing, economics, etc.

Employment scope limited to clerical jobs

Slow career growth

Maximum students opt for B.Com.
The future India
India will continue to be a manufacturing nation leading to even more higher level of commerce.

Indian IT sector is recognised globally and has the potential to grow exponentially due to the limited IT presence in the country.

E-Commerce is all set to take over the baton from the software industry as the primary driver of the Indian IT Industry.
The good news
Being a commerce student, you are in a much better place than students of other streams to understand the needs & working of the business.

All you have to do is adopt e-commerce along with the traditional commerce.

And No, you need not be a geek for that, a basic technical knowledge is all that is required.
Those who want to enter into IT industry

Those who want to start-up

Those who want understanding of the IT industry

Those who want to gain competitive edge over other B.Com. students.
Route to IT Industry
: Sudarshan :

: Sandesh Patil :

: Sanket Patel :
Extension of traditional commerce but managed electronically.

Once the goods are manufactured, every thing is managed digitally (sales, marketing, after-sales, logistics, etc.)

It is a means of extending ones service to a larger audience with no geographical boundaries.
The Programmer's Way
The Commerce Way
Standalone applications
Design & develop applications that can be installed on local system and can run with or without internet.

Language : Java, Linux commands & shell scripting.
Information is the core of any business.

Database helps you to manage large volume of data generated by the application.

Language : SQL
The internet where everyone of us is always online.

Languages : HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, PHP
Server Administration



Content management

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