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Literary Response & Reflection

Writing Workshop Presentation on Response to Literature essays

Trevor Nottingham

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of Literary Response & Reflection

Your Thoughts

What do I see in the text?
Students will intelligently respond to a piece of literature in writing
Literary Response
& Reflection

What do I
think about
"Write arguments to support claims in an anlaysis
of topics, texts using valid reasoning and relevant and sufficient evidence."

"Develop and strengthen writing as needed by planning, revising, editing, rewriting, or trying a new approach.

"Draw evidence from literary texts to
support analysis, reflection, and research."
What does it mean? What's it about?
What am I supposed
to do?
Understand the

the Literature

Draft Your Essay
Can my peers improve my essay?
Evaluate Your Essay
Can I improve my vocab or fluency?
How can I paraphrase it?
In what order should I explain it?
How is it graded?
Paraphrase and interpret the story.
Can I improve my mechanics?
What topics can I write about?
Introduce and summarize the story
What does my final draft need?
Rough Draft - due Wednesday 11/6

"Annabel Lee by Edgar Allan Poe is a narrative poem written over a hundred fifty years ago. The poem was most likely written about his wife, who had died the same way the title character in the poem does. Poe tells the story in first person, which makes it feel even more biographical. The poem also shows last glimpses of Poe as a romantic writer, which he left behind for his now famous yet darker pieces of literature.

Poe begins his story by painting a picture of a young couple of in love by the ocean. His tone is almost wistful as he explains the relationship with his wife before her death. He describes their relationship as being a true and deep love, despite how young they were. He claims that their love was so great, that even the higher angels of heaven, a place of perfection and beauty, were jealous of the love they shared. It is at this point of the story that Edgar's love turns to anger. He is angry that for a second time the woman he loves has died and his anger seems to be towards God and his angels.
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