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Bailey College

Bailey College at A Glance

Phoebe Brosnan

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Bailey College

Liberal Arts & Sciences
The Eight Disciplines:
Math & Technology
Natural & Physical Science
History & Social Science
The English Language & Literature
Foreign Language & Linguistics
Music & Arts
Physical Education Espousing a spirit of free inquiry, Bailey College encourages students to create their own course of study. Academics
First Year--The Middle East & Asia
Second Year-- Ancient Greece & Rome
Third Year-- Modern & Post-Modern Europe
Fourth Year-- The Americas Class Is Not Constricted to the Classroom Location, Location, Location! Global & Domestic Praxis Mandatory
Offered Fall, Spring & Summer
Sophomore Standing
Domestic Praxis Immersion Semesters
Experiential Learning Global Praxis Cultural Submersion
Community Engagement
San Francisco, California
Solen, North Dakota
Barcelona, Spain
New York City, New York
Shanghai, China
Johannisburg, South Africa
Bailey College Bobcats
Committed to excellence both on the field and in the classroom Emphasis on Integration Defending Champions In:
Men's Volleyball
Women's Basketball
Intermural Sports for All Health & Wellness Living a healthy lifestyle is a key component to educational and professional success Physical
Sexual Abuse & Domestic Violence
Alcohol & Substance Abuse
Emotional wellbeing
Bailey College strives to provide its students with the highest caliber liberal arts education, encouraging their intellectual, creative and social growth one course at a time through small, discussion-based classes and an interactive, service-minded curriculum, so as to promote experiential and focused education, and prepare them for a lifetime of learning and leadership as they strive to find their unique purpose in society.
Bailey College Mission Statement Our counseling center believes that these 9 wellnesses are vital to a student's well-being: Private, four-year liberal arts & sciences college
3,000 students
1:1 Ratio of Men & Women
Committment to Mentorship, Service & Experimental Learning Residence Life A living situation that aides students in becoming more healthy and disciplined An emphasis on health in all areas of life Staff committed to knowing needs of each student Importance of Community and value interacting with people from different backgrounds Values Mentorship & Integrated Learning Mentor Groups
1 Faculty Advisor
15 Students
Focused study through all 4 years Student Leadership Offer a variety of alternate living situations including:
Non-apartment dorms,
On-campus apartments
Academic interest housing
School-owned apartments
Off-campus apartments
Personally-arranged living
First-year dorms Student's experience will foster guidance and growth in an interactive way Provide students with leadership skills in an effort to
build leaders in and outside of the Bailey community Student government
Student advocates
Academic enrichment groups
Events council
Religious groups Quick Facts Bailey College The Great Works Core Curriculum Novels, Plays, Non-fiction, Poetry, Short stories in the nation's capital "As a classroom community, our capacity to generate excitement is deeply affected by our interest in one another, in hearing one another's voices, in recognizing one another's presence." bell hooks Counselors use the power of advice and belief to transform student's well-being
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