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VLM platforms_comparison

No description

Jasmina Jelcic

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of VLM platforms_comparison

a comparison VLE platforms: ENGLISH 360 "...easy-to-use , customizable online learning platform (...) for Business English, General English or English for Specific Purposes" TEACHITWORLD "...a tried and trusted EFL/ESL teaching resource (...). Ranging from games for Young Learners to professional skills for Business English..." MY ENGLISH LAB "...online components designed to complement your favorite English language course from Pearson." access code required! PRICING English 360 TEACHITWORLD 3 options:
registered user (free)
individual membership (18Euro per 6 months/ 31E per yr.)
institution membership (185E per yr.) 2 options:
free for educators (unless you start adding Ss to your course)
fee for institutions (90E per month + an amount per each user) supported titles English 360
My English lab IT skills required: English 360: "if you can attach a document to an email, you’ll be able to use the platform. We deal with the hostings and the headaches." Teachitworld: “Using the Teachitworld site is a piece of cake. You don’t have to be a computer whizz-kid to get whizzy.” ENGLISH 360 TEACHITWORLD MY ENGLISH LAB WHAT IS IT? It's a platform. It can entirely support online teaching (upload/download of material, course design, Ss access, needs assessment, etc.) It's not a platform. It's a vast resource of materials for all levels of teaching. You can, however, export these materials to an online platform of your choice. It's both a platform and a resource of teaching materials, but designed to target only the users of Pearson courses. Supported titles +50 (almost exclusively BE and ESP textbooks) NONE Pearson textbooks (Speakout, etc.) PRICING EDUCATORS: It's free of charge unless you choose to add Ss to your course (max. 9 Ss) in which case you get billed per each user.
INSTITUTIONS: Again, the total fee depends upon the numbers of Ss (the more the users, the lower the fee per each user). You are, however, required to pay a minimum of 90E for each month, independent of how many Ss use the platform. EDUCATORS: You can either get free access to public materials upon your registration, or you can opt for a half-year (18E) or a full-year (31E) membership which will also allow you to access audio and video materials as well as edit the material you download.
INSTITUTIONS: A one-year membership fee is 185E (max. 20 teachers). Access codes are required for both teachers and students. These can be obtained through a local Pearson representative or you can find them on one of the first few pages of your Pearson textbook. No additional fees seem to be required. Can I personalize it? You can make a branded platform by using your own school's logo. This option is only available with the institution account. You can export the Teachitworld content to your institution's network and then personalize it as you wish. If, for example, you used the English 360 platform, you could transfer the material from Teachitworld onto English 360 platform and then tweak it to fit your own requirements. N/A Student access You are in complete control of what your students will be able to access, may it be one course, a single exercise, or all the material you have uploaded. If you purchase the institution membership, your students will gain access to a so-called Student Area (where they can download material you have prepared for them). SEARCH ENGINE As with the English 360 platform, you are in control of what your students will gain access to. Proved poor during testing. It offers search results in three categories. For example, if you search for "conditionals", the results will be displayed as COURSES (dealing with conditionals), PEOPLE (users who are currently studying or wish to study about conditionals) and PAGES (various exercises having to do with conditionals). Proved very good during testing. It enables you to perform search by topic as well as by level (CEFR). N/A PERKS You can earn money by uploading your lessons! You either get paid by the platform administrators, or you can charge your users with a fee for accessing your online content. Teachitworld also offers royalties to its successful contributors, although the material you hand in undergoes revision and you are not guaranteed any payment. Although it is possible for you to track your students through the English 360 platform, My English Lab also contains a Student Gradebook as well as a Common Errors Report.
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