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Efficient meetings

No description

Ghadeer Mohammed

on 21 September 2017

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Transcript of Efficient meetings

What is an Efficient Meeting?
An Efficient Meeting, is the kind of meeting that leaves you feeling energized, focused, and the feeling of accomplishment.
How Can We Fix The Problem of Inefficient Meetings?
How to Write a Meeting Agenda?
1. Give a title to your agenda.
2. Include names of attendees, place and time in the header.
3. Mention the meeting objective.
4. Write an outline of most important points/questions that will be discussed in the meeting.
5. Check the agenda for errors before disturbuting it.
Final Tips
Utilize the resources you have in hand.
Create your own agendas.
Be focused!
Be creative!
What is The Opposite of an Efficient Meeting?
An Inefficient Meeting, is the kind of meeting that goes on forever, making you question "why am I here?"
It is the kind of meetings that leaves you feeling confused, uncertain, and BORED!
Efficient Meetings
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