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Polish Immigration to the United States from 1800-1920's

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Chloe Samad

on 29 September 2013

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Transcript of Polish Immigration to the United States from 1800-1920's

Polish Immigration to the United States from 1800-1920's
What were push factors?
Polish immigrants belonged to a large amount of central and eastern Europeans that consisted of peasants.
They had been forced off farms because of a growing competition from large scale agriculture in the Us.
There was a large birth rate which lead to an army of land of poor, who was in the search for work.
In the 19th century Poland was divided into three empires.
Polish wanted freedom to worship Roman Catholics and wanted to flee the hostile regimes.
Pull factors?
Polish immigrants came to America to save and earn money to buy land.
Many wanted to flee religious persecution.
Polish mainly came to the Us to gain money and return home with an economic gain.
They would receive letters from relatives or friends telling how great America is and how they have grown economically.
The heavy industry had an impact on immigrants( they were drawn to factories, steel mills, etc.)
What did they gain?
Religious Polish communities were built.
Polish Catholic churches were built along with Parochial schools,television and radio stations,etc.
Was America the Land of opportunity for the Polish?
Children and single women went to work to help families.
By 1901, 1/3 owned real estate.
They were making so much money that they would send it to friends and family over seas.
First settlement was on the Texas plains where they grew and thrived economically.
Many job opportunities.
Yes, immigration to the United States was politically,socially, and economically a good decision because many Polish gained money,land, and religious freedom.
Was immigration to the United States a good decision?
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