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history of sonic the hedgehog

sonic's history

David Feigel

on 31 October 2014

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Transcript of history of sonic the hedgehog

history of
sonic the hedgehog

part 1.1: the beginning
in the beginning, there was Service Games, and it made video games excellently. the competition finally realized they couldn't compete efficently, so they all merged together, forming SEGA inc.
part 1.2: the rise of
After crushing the major competition, another company, seeing the profit, jumped right in. this was, and still is, SEGA's major competitor, NINTENDO. After realizing profits were low, they made Donkey Kong, his son Diddy Kong and their rival, Mr. Video, now known as Mario.
part 1.3: the fall
part 1: origins
Well, you know what's coming up next.
Sales of NINTENDO skyrocketed, while SEGA
faltered. SEGA tried to gain customers by
superior game platforms, but everyone just
loved the little 6-bit italian plumber.It seemed
to be the end of SEGA.
part 2: sonic's youth
part 2.1: rebirth
Well, someone figured out, "hey,let's get a better mascot." the race for a better mascot was on. altogether, 7 designs came forth. these included 4 designs in the winning mascot's series, sonic the hedgehog.
part 2.2: sonic begins
well, in his beginning, sonic didn't do good at selling games. someone said: "let's give the genesis game console with him." eventually, some people took notice at how good they could play sonic. they told other people: it's better to play this game than NINTENDO's games. those people told other people, and soon enough sales skyrocketed as if there was no mario as before.
part 2.3: sonic the superstar
an extremely short time later, lots of people started to have an interest in sonic the hedgehog. about that same time, SEGA asked famous toy companies to produce sonic toys, with SEGA receiving a portion of the profits. sonic seemed to be in everyone's mind during those days. figuring out that a great game without a sequel is no good, SEGA made a sequel in the form of sonic the hedgehog 2. the crowds, armed with their wallets, drove to the stores to get their copy of the new game to play it.
part 2.3: end of the 2d age
with the 2d era coming to a wrap, SEGA made 2 final sequels to wrap it up, since the 2 games together had too much data together to put on a disk. needless to say, the 2d era came to a close shortly after the games. it was time to move on.
part 3: the new sonic
part 3.0: change
well, times changed. the 3d era came about. therefore SEGA made a system that would play 3d games. the result was SEGA'S last original platform, the dreamcast.
part 3.1: make up your mind!
from then on, SEGA drifted from purely 3d games to purely 2d games and back again. it seemed that the fans of old preferred pure 2d games to new fans preferring purely 3d games. this forced SEGA to make pure 3d games on the dreamcast and pure 2d games on a game boy advance. what is going to happen?
part 4.0: the solution
after a while, someone figured out how to please everyone with 1 game. sonic went 3d and 2d in the same game, became faster, and got a way to go fast instantly: sonic boost.
part 4: the one every ones...presently
part 4.1: the alliance of NINTENDO and SEGA
so, over the last 19 years, SEGA drained NINTENDO of its profits, with NINTENDO selling game platforms with the ocasional video game, and SEGA selling Sonic the Hedgehog video games. NINTENDO, after about 20 years of yo-yo-ing, finally got tired and offered a strategic partnership with SEGA. SEGA accepted, since the plot seemed to be nearing an end of ultimate challenges anyway.
part 5: the future
what now? it seems that sonic goes for olympic games and "gaps in the plot.
as one might interperate events, the future of sonic might be "filling in the gaps of what happens in between genesis and dreamcast", more sonic+ mario at the olympic games, and future sonic the hedgehogs and maybe alternative universes and timelines from future eggmans.
part 5: the future?
the end
by David Feigel
the end
by David Feigel
part 4.2: renaissance
only recently, modern has become a bit more old. sonic has ditched the sonic boost in a limited fashion, readopting the classical spin dash, and sonic has regained a style of humor present in his old tv shows. the new games are promising to be a very unique blend old old and new, classical and modern, and hopefully sonic will be able to adapt to a new generation with "classical" grandparents and "modern" parents.
the future?
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