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Novum Presentation - APEC 2014

No description

Candra Gaydeski

on 3 March 2015

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Transcript of Novum Presentation - APEC 2014

Digital POL Modules
Advanced Power Modules

for Distributed Power Applications
Addressing the growing challenge
of powering advanced loads

Rising Power Requirements
Lower Core Voltages
Tighter Voltage Tolerances
Less Available Space
Introducing CUI's Patented

SEPIC-Fed Buck Power Topology
Power Loss Comparison
• Greater Efficiency
• Higher Power Density
• Reduced EMI (electro-magnetic interference)
• Reduced Output Capacitor Requirements
• Reduced Switching Loss
• Faster Transient Response (4x as fast)
Boosting Performance
in isolated and non-isolated dc-dc converters
Bus Converters

NQBS Series
720 W Intermediate Bus Converters
440 W/in across the full input range
NDM2Z Series
12~50 A Digital Point-of-Load Modules
High performance in a standardized package
Pin and function compatible with Ericsson's BMR46X Series
NDM3ZS Series
60 A Digital Point-of-Load Modules
A new benchmark in non-isolated dc-dc performance
Class-leading efficiency, density, and transient response
NDM3Z Series
90 A Digital Point-of-Load Modules
The highest power dual-phase digital POL on the market
NDM2P/NSM2P Series
12~50 A Digital Point-of-Load Modules
Optimized performance in the 12~50 A space
w/ the added flexibility of CUI's no-bus option
120 A
0.6 V
+/- 2%
NQB/NEB Series
264~468 W Intermediate Bus Converters
w/ Optional Digial Interface
Advanced firmware optimizes the efficiency curve
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