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Ms. Norville

on 30 January 2017

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Transcript of DATA

Learning Goal
We are learning to collect and organize data and display the data using a variety of graphs.
When I say Data Management what do you think of?
Circle Graphs:

a graph which represents a whole divided into sectors.
Your Task!
1. Organize a set of data based on a survey we do in class.

2. Create a circle graph to display the information
But First...
Let's take a quick survey!
What hair color does everyone have in the class?
Now it's your turn! Here are your instructions!
Step 1
Step 2
When you're finished, turn over to the other side!
One last thing to find the percentage of category for your circle graph follow these steps:
1. Add the amount of responses together to find the total.

2. Take each individual category amount and divide by the total.

3. Multiply the number by 100 and this is the %.

Census and Samples!
When we are collecting data, we have to decide the amount of people we want to survey that will give us an accurate response. Are we going to take a
or a
Entire group of people
Where may you have heard this word before?
Survey of a population.
A small group that represents a population.
Bias vs. Unbias in Math

sample that is too small or a sample that favours one group or opinion over another.
ex: asking Drake fans if they like rap music.
Random selection of a group.
e.g., asking 8C student's if they like rap music.
The goal is to make your target group as unbiased as possible.
Video Time
Time to play...
sample, census, bias, unbias,
P 189
create your own examples to explain

- census
- sample
- math bias and unbias
Inferring with Data
using data to make a prediction or form an opinion
Time to get our inferencing on!
From Toronto Police...what are some things you expect to find?
with some data
The Wonderful World of Data!
Circle Graph
* displays data that is divided into parts of a whole (100%)
line graph
* displays data that changes over time
Bar Graph
* displays data that can be counted
double bar graph
* displays two sets of data that can be counted
scatter line plot
* displays two related sets of data that are measured or counted
Your mission for today:
Work on page 200 in your textbook. Do the third and fourth instructions: "identify the graph" and "match each graph".
Page 203 # 5
"Analysis of Data" Handout
add the numbers together, divide by the amount of numbers
the middle number when numbers are arranged in order (least to greatest)
the number that shows up the most
a # in a data set that is significantly off from the others.
Central Tendency
Math Test Marks:

2, 46, 52, 52, 52, 60, 63, 64, 65, 71,
73, 74, 75, 75, 76, 76, 77, 79, 79, 100
Find the mean, median, mode and outlier.
Everything we do....we do it for the gram!
Today's Rule...
So...what are histograms?
a connected bar graph that shows data organized into intervals,
has no spaces between the bars
usually has a minimum of 5 bars.
P.218 1 and 4
Well, kinda! #pennymath
ex #2: Asking Trump supporters their views on immigration.
e.g., asking people at a mall their views on immigration.
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