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John Smith

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of PEYTO GLACIER

Where Is It Located?
Interesting Facts
Because of the silt in the ice it changes the colour of the water. This causes it to look turquoise. The average yearly recession since 1897 is approximately 21 feet. If the Glacier melts completely, there would be no more water that would flow down.
It is retreating because of an increase of temperature change. This is also happening because of global warming and green house gases that cause a green house effect. The ice will then melt and flow down rivers along with rocks and silt.
Why Is It Retreating?
The Glacier was discovered in 1896 and since then it has been retreating rapidly. If the temperature decreased the glacier would then advance. It's name "Peyto" comes from a lake in that area called Peyto Lake. The Glacier is 12 square Kilometers long.
More Facts
The Glacier is retreating Rapidly and has lost 70% of its mass. This is really bad because the river can overflow if it keeps retreating and would lead major flooding. The Glacier was 1088.5 x 106m3.
What Is Happening To It?
What Would Happen To The Melting Ice?
By: Aaron 8B
The Peyto Glacier is located in Banff National Park in Alberta and is situated on the Rocky Mountains.
As the ice melts, the water would run down streams and rivers. If all the ice is gone, there would be no rivers because there would be no supply of water. All of the remaining water would flow into the cities. This would raise sea levels and lead to major flooding. 40% of land in Bangladesh would be submerged under water if the sea levels rise by 65cm because of warmer temperature.
What Would Cause A Glacier To Advance?
Lower temperatures or below that causes an increase in the chance of precipitation (snow, hail, sleet, etc). The snow or ice would add to the Glacier, just like what is happening on the field outside; as we get more snowfall, it makes layers of ice, similar to the advancing of Glaciers.
How Much Has The Front Edge of The Two Glaciers Change?
Glacier A starts of with 80m and drops to its lowest amount at -1300 in 1975 and rose to -1200 in about 1995. The glacier changed by 1280m.

Glacier B Starts of with 0m and drops slowly to its lowest amount at -1100m in 1995. The glacier changed by 1100m.
Multiple Sources
It is better to use more than one information when during research because not all sites will give you truthful answers and by using more than one site you will get more information. Also some sites can be edited and/or changed.
The Peyto Glacier is retreating because of the increase of temperature and green house gases.

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