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Marketing Stratagies in the MLB

No description

Eric McEneany

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of Marketing Stratagies in the MLB

Target Market The target market is 18-49 year old males. These people account for over 62% of the MLB's market. 65% of MLB fans are males. 35% are females 47% of the MLB's market is very interested in the sport. The female fan base is steadily growing. The MLB is also expanding its market to appeal to women. The MLB decides its target market by paying attention to who buys tickets to games, buys products online, watches the games on TV and by conducting surveys. Promotion They promote their products and teams by using the social media. Each team and the whole MLB has their own Facebook and Twitter. Also they have their own websites where they sell products related to the teams. Also the MLB runs commercials during some games to advertise a product. Selling of Products The MLB has a national and also international market. They sell their products on the Internet, in sports stores, on TV, and MLB.com. Pricing The pricing of products related to the MLB all depends on what the person wants and the popularity of the team or player you want. Authentic jerseys tend to be priced higher then replica jerseys. Cross-selling The MLB uses cross selling to sell its products. Sports stores such as Dick's sell jerseys and shirts with players names on them to consumers. Also Stores such as Lids sells hats with team logos on them. Sponsorships Many teams have individual sponsors for their ballparks. The Mets ballpark is called Citi Field because they are sponsored by Citi Bank. Other Sponsors Bank of America, Nike, Pepsi-Cola, General Motors (Chevrolet), Firestone, State Farm Insurance, and Gatorade. Louisville Slugger is the official bat of the MLB. Success In General the MLB has found success in its strategies. Marketing Strategies in the MLB Eric McEneany
Matt Dietz
Luke Tomczyk
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