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Aviation Business Project (Lufthansa) Proposal

No description

Dennis Chan

on 27 June 2014

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Transcript of Aviation Business Project (Lufthansa) Proposal

Aviation Business Project Proposal

Database management
Marketing strategies
Budget plan
Data Management
Marketing Strategies
Lufthansa German Airlines - Passenger Airline Group

Initiated by *Dennis Chan Ka Chon, Cheung Wing Man, Li Yu Kun, Law Yun Qi, 2014 June.


1. Largest Star Alliance Member
2. A leading IT service provider for the Air Transport industry
3. with strong image associated with German Engineering
4. And it is a status symbol amongst Corporate/Business men
5. Over 300 international destinations in nearly 80 countries
1. Significant Exposure to Higher Competitive Market in Hong Kong
2. Market share growth restricted due to pressure from competition
1. There is more penetration in emerging economies tapping the high-end customers
2. Improvement in experience and high-quality services to customers
1. Other Alliances: One World, Sky team
2. Increased international competition with low cost providers
British Airways
Air France
Royal Dutch Airlines
American Airlines Inc.
Cathay Pacific
SPT Analysis
Target Group


Passengers preferring
comfort/ reliability/ quality service
Upper middle class/ businessmen / leisure travellers
Safety and Trust, premium
Once customer purchased the air-ticket from Lufthansa and got agreement
Personal information will be automatically recorded and become Lufthansa Miles Plan member
Ensure every data will be true

Tailor-made greetings will be shown on the backseat TV
Membership card will be issued and classified
(Regular, Silver VIP, Gold VIP, Diamond VIP)
Extra services offered for VIPs
Enhancement of Customer services

Lufthansa Membership System (LMS)

Feedback Collecting
Instead of traditional feedback questionnaires.
Visual media will be displayed on the backseat TV
German-orientated Grimm’s Fairy Tales Story will be acted by artistes or popstars to explain the items on questionnaires.

Grimm’s Fairy Tales Story
- The Little Red Riding Hood (Flight check-in services)
- Sleeping Beauty (Cabinet services)
- Snow White (Meal services)
- Cinderella (Baggage services)
Conducting the survey during the meal time
Gift Coupons will be rewarded after finishing the questionnaire
Can be easily done on touch-monitor
All results will be sent back to customer feedback database and analysed by computerized process
Computerized Process
Setting up a convenience and effective membership management
Building Lufthansa as a diverse operating and positive image of social enterprise
Increasing Lufthansa’s presence in different markets
Budget Plan

- Main company located in Germany
- Mainly focuses on high-end and business
customers by offering premier classes and
business classes amidst European airline
- Commenced on 1955
- High quality of services
- Still not very well-known in Hong Kong and

Facts and Current Situations
Segmentation: Passenger Airline Group
Exploring a new target group:
Young adults (Between 18-30 Ages)

Characteristics of Young Adults:

Higher averaged education level
Capability of money earning
Without family economic stresses and barriers
Less limitation on jobs
High flexibility
Fond of pursuing lifestyle and dream
Eager to broaden own horizons and travel around the world

Major Marketing Strategy

Makes greater

(Promoting German-cultural Carnival)

(Demonstrating the dare-to-dream pledge of

Pushing the tourism development with Federal
Government of Germany
Host or Co-organized
Events and Fairs
Sponsorship from Lufthansa and co-organize on these activities with different groups and government can increase the reputation of Lufthansa.
Launching a New
“Nonstop you” Campaign
"Nonstop You" CAMPAIGN

To our target group: Dream-chasing encouraged,
indicating big dreams never stop you

Packaging Lufthansa as a young-aged, energetic social enterprise

Campaign Website Establishing
For massive public engagement and read about Lufthansa

Social Media Hash-tagging
“_____# Nonstop you” on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
E.g: Music # Nonstop you

Donation for Charity Purpose
Orbis Fly Eye Hospital
(Nonstop You: Physical disabilities cannot stop them to chase their dream)

Commercial Video
Disseminate on TV, Youtube and Facebook
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