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Mini Case Study-M&P Cardiovascular Center Inc.

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on 11 May 2015

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Transcript of Mini Case Study-M&P Cardiovascular Center Inc.

Thank You!
M&P Cardiovascular Center Inc.
(MPCC) based in U.S

Services/ dx, treatment, prevention for heart (cardio) diseases

20 states in 95 facilities

200,000 patients

Uses e-health systems such as: tele-surgery, tele-consultation)

Non profit research branch

Opportunity to expand internationally

To allow their research & medical team to establish a relationship with peers in other countries and obtain info regarding different cardiovascular diseases and cases from other parts of the world to be able to extend their treatments and diagnosis without having to be in those actual places
Management team has explored opportunities to partner with hospitals and cardiovascular centers in countries like India, Thailand, and Mexico.

Put together teams of internal and external staff and consultants responsible for creating a strategic plan for this project

They will analyze what the circumstances are, possibilities, opportunities and treats present with going forward

Conduct a cost effectiveness analysis to demonstrate the economic value of an integrated e-health system

Social, legal, cultural and technological barriers within foreign countries which are critical to the successful partnerships and development and implementation of the e-health system

Availability of ICT(information and communication technology) infrastructure

Slack resources (money, investors)
Mini Case Study-M&P Cardiovascular Center Inc.
Jazmyn Taylor

What's the Mission???
U.S operations have consistently utilized major daily e-health applications which will help facilitate the transition of new and existing systems

Online healthcare portal

24/7 online doctor

Real time surgery

Administration able to share critical and secured info without time consuming and unnecessary traveling
MPCC should use their current e-health system to their advantage by expanding that to different countries, it should be something that they market and offer the countries as an option to be implemented/ integrated into their facilities.

Get feedback from their current partners to see how they may view the risks and challenges to get a better perspective

Research the need for e-health in foreign countries and market what the benefit would be for these different countries rather than emphasizing just the mission of MPCC
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