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The Beer Market

No description

Rachel Norman

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of The Beer Market

The Beer Market Branding The Brands Corona
Little Creatures Our niche Brand
A craft beer
Established in Fremantle, 2000. Little Creatures Owned and Operated by Grupo Modelo
Premium Import Beer
A Top Seller throughout the world. (4th)
Established in Mexico, 1925
Own and operated by Grupo Modelo (Founded 1922) Corona VB Product Life Cycle Introduction Growth Maturity Core Product Expected Product Augmented Product Potential Product Decline Loyalty/Equity
Perceived Quality
Associations Positioning VB Target Market: typical Australian males, working class, 25 up
Usage Situation: After work
Drank with sport
Attributes: 'good taste' and high alcohol content
Corona Target market: Under 30, more appealing to females
Usage situation: enjoyed in a relaxed frame of mind.
Attributes: Taste and iconic bottle shape
Little Creatures Target market: higher class, generally local, not gender specific, under 40
Attributes: unique and locally crafted product.
Class: 'boutique'
Usage situation: at the brewery
Communication Consumer Behaviour Recognition Information Search Evaluation of Options Purchase To satisfy thirst
A good tasting and well priced beer more difficult with Little Creatures
VB and Corona more socially endorsed. VB/Corona cheaper and are popular
Lack of knowledge of Little Creatures may drive away customer. Chosen product or brand that suits them.
Appeals to the desired experience Post-Purchase Evaluation Did the beer meet their expectation of the product?
Little Creatures doesn't get enough people to this stage.
Corona is ranked the most popular beer on Facebook (2009 survey)
VB has had adjustments to their product in response to consumer evaluation. VB Corona Little Creatures Recommendation More of a marketing mix
Maintain standards
"Open up a Little" Proposal for Little Creatures Current website allows an interaction between the consumer and the product.
Customer can seek knowledge of the product.
Why not integrate this feature into an application which also allows for them to find beer near them.
Suitable for tablets and phones
"Beer Me" will be a great success. Beer Me Produced by Carlton & Untied Breweries within Melbourne, Victoria.
Owned and Operated under the Fosters Group
VB was first introduced back in the early 1900s in Melbourne Current Beer Finder End Continue with their current strategy Construct a beer that appeals to females.
Produce a premium VB.
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