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Thesis Statement and Topic Sentences

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Anoud Abusalim

on 1 March 2018

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Transcript of Thesis Statement and Topic Sentences

Thesis Statement and Topic Sentences

Developing and Shaping an Idea
Writing and Revising a Paragraph

How to Conceive a Thesis?
Functions of the Thesis Statement
Thesis Statement
It is better to write the thesis statement in the drafting/composing stage.
1)- Narrows the subject to a single and central idea.
The Little, Brown Handbook
A thesis statement is the central idea of an essay
The thesis is the controlling idea of the essay.
The thesis statement cannot be written instantly as it needs continuous refinement in order to communicate the writer's ideas effectively.
One way to conceive a thesis is to ask a question.
The question should deal with the controlling idea/argument you want to convey to your audience.
2)- Claims something
Specific and Significant
about the writer's subject.
3)- It conveys the writer's purpose-- usually, an argument in college writing.
4)- It establishes the writer's voice. Voice in writing expresses the writer's position and attitude toward the subject matter.
5)-It often concisely previews the arrangement of the ideas in an essay.
Thesis Practice
Check the following thesis statements and consider if they have the qualities of a good thesis statement.
1)- The religion of Islam is generally misunderstood in the United States.
2)- Modern English, especially written English, is full of bad habits that interfere with clear thinking. Getting rid of these habits is a first step to political regeneration.
is a TV show about nothing.
4)- It seems that most popular sitcoms take place in New York such as
How I Met Your Mother.
Organizing Ideas
An effective essay has a recognizable shape that guides the readers to see how the ideas relate to each other.
The organization of the essay begins before the drafting stage; however, it continues throughout the whole drafting, revising, and editing stages.
One good way to begin organizing the ideas is to review all of the writing done before- such as free-writing and create a master list of all the ideas you want to include in the essay.
Getting Started with Ideas
Organizing Ideas in an Essay
Move from General to Specific
Circle the most general ideas
On a fresh sheet, write each general idea and leave space below it. Add specific ideas in that space.
Respect the meanings of ideas.
Think through the implications of your ideas.
Fill holes where support seems skimmer.
If you have trouble filling these holes, ask journalistic and discovery questions.
Seek an order that presents your ideas clearly and logically.
Keep on experimenting.
How to Write a Thesis Statement?
What to Do again?

1- After watching the video and going through the slides.
2-You have to read the chapter "Developing and Shaping an Idea' posted in week 3 folder.
3- You have to go through the Prezi slides in this presentation. You have to go through slides 1-9.
Say what? I have to watch a video to prepared. Yes ! And you will make one soon.
The End of Sunday Reading
Practice Time
1- Form groups of 4.
2- Together, prepare a short handout that sums up the qualities of a good thesis statement.
3- Your handout should cover the three sources you used about thesis statement.
4- You have ten minutes to finish working on the handout.
5- When you are done, write your handout on the board.
We will use your handouts in the Video that we will make and post on Google Drive. It is graded.
A Walk With the Simpsons
A Walk With the Simpsons
A Walk with the Simpsons
1- In the same groups, check the sample thesis statements in the next slide.
2- Decide if they are effective thesis statement or not.
3- Rewrite them in order to meet the requirements of a good thesis.
Writing and Revising Paragraphs
Thesis Statement
Make Sure You Read the Chapter " Writing and Revising Paragraphs"
Paragraph Unity
1- A paragraph is a group of sentences that serve different purposes.
2- Each paragraph should focus on a central idea.
3- Each paragraph should have a topic sentence (usually at the beginning of each one).
The Difference between a Thesis Statement and Topic Sentence
1- A topic sentence is like a mini thesis statement
2- A topic sentence covers the main idea of a paragraph whereas a thesis statement covers the main idea of an essay.
This is one of my favorite videos of last year. But, let's do it differently.
1- On a sheet of paper, identify what went wrong with Omar's essay.
2- Suggest several ways to improve his essay.
3- Suggest a new outline for his essay.
Difference between Thesis Statement and Topic Sentence
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