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Copy of Copy of Academy: Inserting Animations in Prezi

Best practices on how to use simple flash animations in combination with prezi Path and Frames - to achieve a strong narrative.

Julianne Tanacredi

on 19 February 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Academy: Inserting Animations in Prezi

Let's start at the beginning...
"shifting" our thinking.

"Common core is not the teaching. The standards
are the means to support
the skills and strategies students should achieve.
Our science programs enable students to question, to seek answers, and to develop solutions."
Shift 1:
Children need a balance of
informational and literary text (fact-based stories) to enrich their thinking and prepare them for the future.

Shift 4:
Children need to provide evidence in text through conversations with each other
Shift 6:
Children need to build vocabulary necessary to comprehend more difficult text.

Shift 5:
Children need to write utilizing evidence from text to inform or persuade others.

Shift 3:
Children need to dig deeper into close readings
and to recall previously learned information when
comprehending text.
"But you can do it! Think positively because...
The college and career standards are the "anchor"
standards and the goal for the Common Core State Standards.

You are college and career ready when you...
build strong content knowledge
comprehend as well as critique
value evidence
use technology and digital media strategically and capably
understand other perspectives and cultures
adjust the purpose for reading, writing, speaking, and listening for the task
demonstrate independence
Guide children to be thinkers...
"The standards are requiring less
text-to-self, personal meaning,
and moving to more rigorous, evidentiary
application activities
for developing skills in...-

"questions, snapshots, thoughtshots"
"reading between the lines"
"synthesizing is like baking"
"featureless text"
"identify text structure"-organization of text
"recognize primary vs. secondary sources"
"comparing two different texts"
"different perspectives"
to develop skills to analyize text.
Now, we know what you may
be thinking...
"I can't accomplish
all of this! It's impossible!"
In conclusion...

Students are being taught
to look deeper into
their learning, and teachers
must challenge their students'
thought processes.
"common instructional words"
"scanning and skimming"
"essential questioning"
"inch, foot, yard"
"thin & thick"
"3 key questions"
Let's investigate these.
"Nonfiction Inquiry Circles"
"vocabulary word web"
"There is no end to the journey, only
the next great voyages."
Ted Kennedy
Ways to Increase Rigor in Student Performance:
Raise the level of content.
Increase complexity.
Give support & guidance.
Open the focus (Open-ended questions,
projects, choices for students).
Raise expectations.
Utilize facts & figures to support thinking.
Classrooms should provide an engaging, educational
journey, not a race to the finish line.
generated by metacognition
"I have who has?"
"Read with the question in mind"
essential questions

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